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What Sets Qfuse Apart?

Hands down, Qfuse is the most sophisticated all-in-one platform available for marketing with QR Codes, NFC tags, mobile websites and landing pages. Here are some of the reasons why.


Qfuse gives you the flexibility to easily produce full-featured mobile web pages and micro-sites that can be applied for just about any purpose, within any industry. Custom-design the look and feel of your site; add content and functional page elements for an infinite range of possibilities.


Whether you're a small business in need of a basic entry-level solution, or a Fortune 500 company that requires enterprise-level support, Qfuse has you covered. Our platform is designed to efficiently scale up to meet increased usage needs over time; so you can be confident that Qfuse will grow along with your business.


Qfuse has been designed to play nice with other popular services and protocols. Use RSS to grab content from an external data source, display your Twitter feed in real-time, or integrate custom content via an iFrame. Use our API to pull analytics data into your CRM system of choice, Qfuse also serves as a hub for centralizing your social media channels and integrating third party applications like iTunes, PayPal, Salesforce, and more.

Cloud-Based & Fully Supported

Qfuse employs a Software as a Service ("SAAS") model which is 100% browser-based and accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. Best of all, there's no software to maintain or upgrades to worry about - we do all the heavy lifting, and you inherit the latest features and enhancements automatically.

Connected MediaTM Platform

Qfuse not only acts act as the conduit between offline and online media, but also consolidates interactive communications into a single channel that goes anywhere by merging web, social, video, audio, email, and SMS all under one roof. We call this Connected Media, and it means that you can put your all of your communications in the hands of your target audiences via mobile.

Experience & Leadership

Qfuse is not just a clever business idea that was put together by some investors. The company founders are professionals with over 25 years of combined hands-on experience in web application development and interactive communications. This means that everything behind Qfuse - from the interface design to the core functionality and company management - is based on a solid foundation and decades of insight and ingenuity.

Professional-Grade Analytics

Qfuse has one of the most robust mobile landing page tracking and analytics engines on the marketplace. If you're serious about mobile marketing, you need to support your campaigns using quality data. Our platform makes that possible like no other system. Learn more about our Advanced QR Scan Analytics system.

Future Forward

Qfuse is built for growth. We understand that the nature of interactive communications is constantly changing, and we have our eyes on the future. Today, our model leverages the mobile web, QR Codes, NFC, and social media for a robust connected media strategy. Tomorrow, there will undoubtedly be new technologies that we will adopt into our platform; we know this because we're planning for it today.

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