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Trackable QR Codes for Political Campaigns

Use QR Codes & Mobile Websites to Promote Your Political Campaign

Qfuse CAMPAIGNTM is an easy way for any public figure to get their message out to a large number of people quickly and professionally. Share your platform and ideas, communicate your core message via videos or photography, and accept donations from your constituents directly from QR Codes and/or NFC Tags. Communicate the heart of what you represent to those who want to find out more about your campaign.

  • Get started today and reach voters quicker and easier than ever before!
  • Link posters and signage to your campaign platform
  • Allow people to donate to your campaign
  • Showcase campaign videos or other visuals
  • Pull in your Twitter feed and other social media
  • Feel free to Download or Print our Qfuse for Politics PDF

Qfuse Feature Summary

Qfuse is a total solution for the creation and management of mobile websites & landing pages, QR Codes, and NFC Tags.

QR Code Tracking

Take your mobile website into the real world with QR Codes that can be placed on campaign signs, flyers, posters, mailers and just about anything that can be printed. Qfuse automatically generates high-quality QR Codes which scan reliably and are suitable for professional publication.

Advanced QR Code & NFC Analytics

After your NFC Tags and/or QR Codes are published our proprietary system tracks code scans and collects advanced analytics data over time. View scan activity on each QR Code to see how the code is performing, including total and unique scans, date and time of each scan, geo-location information, and user device types. Learn More

Mobile Website Can Go Anywhere!

Qfuse lets you easily create great-looking campaign websites that are specially formatted for touch-screen viewing on smartphones. Upload campaign photos, commercials or recent speeches; share key platform points or promote upcoming fundraisers. It's that simple!

Mobile Fundraising

Send visitors to donation pages where they can conveniently contribute to your campaign's fundraising efforts.

Contacts at a Touch

Qfuse makes it easy for anyone to reach your campaign office, organizers, or other key contacts with click-to-call, text messaging or email.

Mapping & GPS

Mapping features make it easy for everyone to find your next town hall meeting, event, or fundraiser. Visitors with GPS-enabled devices can get turn-by-turn directions from their location.

Social Media Sharing

Your mobile website can also integrate popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. Engage voters by having all your recent tweets and facebook feed in one place.

Photos & Video

Easily embed images and video to create a far more interactive depiction of what your campaign is all about than you could using just flyers or pamphlets.

Easy to Setup & Manage

Your mobile site is easy to set up with pre-defined templates that makes it easy to get started, with all site pages, QR Codes, and NFC Tags managed from a simple dashboard interface.

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