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QR Codes for Industrial Use

A Mobile Solution for Efficient Management & Operations

When it comes to QR codes, it's often marketing campaigns that get all the attention, but there are also many practical ways that QR codes can be used for industrial purposes across a number of industries

When QR codes are leveraged for industrial use they serve a useful function to help facilitate a process or complete an information channel. When scanned, the QR code simply directs authorized users to key information presented on a mobile landing page.

The potential uses for QR codes within an industrial context is virtually unlimited; here are but a few examples:

  • Maintenance & Repair Records
    Maintain service records and important documentation for equipment and buildings.
  • Operations & Instructions
    Provide instructions and procedures for performing critical tasks or operating equipment; communicate this information using text, images and/or video.
  • Facilities Management
    Document critical specifications and schematics within key locations (e.g. wiring, plumbing, electrical, and alarm systems) that can be accessed by contractors and maintenance personnel.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Document important authorizations needed to comply with local, state or federal regulations, such as inspection or expiration dates, permits or licenses.
  • Inventory Control
    Document important information about equipment components or complex systems.
  • Emergency Contacts
    Provide direct access to important departments and personnel via mobile-friendly technologies such as click-to-call, text messaging and email.
  • Maintenance Requests
    Conveniently submit requests for maintenance services at different locations; request notifications are sent directly to one or more designated contacts, and can also be integrated with 3rd party systems.

Qfuse Feature Summary

Qfuse provides an all-in-one platform that makes it easy for any department to generate QR codes and mobile landing pages that contain whatever information you want. Features include the following:

Mobile Websites Made Simple

Qfuse lets you easily create mobile websites that are specially formatted for touch-screen viewing on smartphones. Utilize a single landing page for simple needs, or multi-page micro-site to present a range of information.

Professional QR Code Publication

Qfuse automatically generates high-quality QR codes that scan reliably and are suitable for industrial use on equipment, buildings and related signage or documentation.

Graphics & Video

Use images or video content to easily present key information such as schematics or instructions. Easily upload images and embed video into your mobile pages.

Contacts at a Touch

Important contacts are a touch away with Qfuse, making it easy for visitors to reach key personnel or departments with click-to-call, text messaging or email.

Mapping & GPS

Mapping features make it easy to pinpoint physical locations and offer turn-by-turn directions.

Security & Password Protection

Control who can scan your codes and access site pages with password controls and SSL encryption.

Data Import & Systems Integration

Qfuse makes it easy to get all of your critical information and records into our system with data import and integration capabilities.

Analytics & Reporting

Qfuse allows you to monitor real-time activity for each of your QR codes and mobile web pages, so you know exactly how they're performing. You can also export reports for any specified timeframe. Learn More

QR Code Management Dashboard

Centralized dashboard access allows convenient management of mobile web pages, NFC Tags, and QR Codes all from one location.

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