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QR Codes and NFC Tags for In-Store Displays and Signage

Engage Customers with In-Store Displays, Point-of-Sale Promotions and Smart Posters featuring QR Codes and/or NFC Tags.

Walk through any shopping mall or retail environment these days and you'll see an ever-growing array of QR codes and NFC Tags intended to engage customers. When done correctly, QR codes can add a new dimension of interactivity to in-store promotions, smart-posters and point-of-sale displays, making them a great way to engage your customers at the very moment they are most likely to make a buying decision.

Qfuse provides an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to generate professional-grade, quality QR codes and landing pages that give new life to promotions in just about any retail environment.

Try Qfuse out today and engage customers quicker and easier than ever before!

A Real World Example:

Qfuse Feature Summary

A total solution for the creation and management of QR Codes, landing pages and mobile micro-sites.

QR Code and NFC Tag Management & Tracking

Generate high-quality vector files that can be incorporated into just about any media format. Every code comes with unique tracking capabilities, allowing you measure the performance of each code over time. Qfuse automatically generates high-quality QR codes scan reliably and are suitable for professional publication (premium accounts).

Advanced QR Code and NFC Analytics & Tracking

After your QR Codes are published our proprietary system tracks code scans and collects advanced analytics data over time. View scan activity on each QR Code to see how the code is performing, including total and unique scans, date and time of each scan, geo-location information, and user device types. Learn More

Landing Pages and Mobile Websites Made Simple

Engage your customers immediately with great-looking landing pages that are specially formatted for touch-screen viewing on smartphones. Brand your pages with your own logo, color scheme and content. You can add, edit or delete pages any time without having to change your QR codes.

Lead Capture at a Touch

Qfuse offers multiple methods to engage new customers on mobile and capture qualified leads via email, click-to-call, text messaging or contact forms.

Photos & Video

The space on packages and product labels is limited - extend your visual real estate by incorporating images and video into your mobile pages. Highlight product features, send a special message or provide educational information. "A picture's worth a thousand words", and this is especially true on mobile!

Promote & Manage Specials

Let your customers know about special deals right there in the store where buying-decisions are made! Publish digital coupons and announce promotions, or use a mobile lead capture form to let business prospects contact you. Best of all, you can change the promotions you want to offer in real-time, any time, for truly dynamic publishing capabilities.

Social Media Sharing

Give customers the power to easily share what they love about your products with their contacts on popular social media channels.

QR Code & NFC Tag Management

A centralized dashboard allows you to access allows you to conveniently manage QR Codes, NFC Tags, mobile landing pages and tracking--all under one roof!

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