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Qfuse QR Code, NFC Tag, and Mobile Website Features

A QR Code & NFC Tag Tracking Platform with Integrated Mobile Landing Page Builder

Qfuse is a total solution for the creation and management of multiple mobile website, dynamic QR codes, and NFC Tags. Qfuse enables to you to control tens, hundreds, or even thousands of dynamic QR codes and mobile sites.

Mobile Websites Made Simple

Qfuse lets you easily create great-looking websites that are specially formatted for touch-screen viewing on smartphones. Simply use our mobile website builder to upload your logo, select your color scheme, and add your content. It's that easy!

Professional QR Code Publication

Take your mobile website into the real world with QR codes that can be placed on just about anything in the real world -- advertisements, posters, brochures, mailers, business cards, and even TV displays. Qfuse automatically generates high-quality QR codes which scan reliably and are suitable for professional publication. Change the destination of your code(s) anytime!

Advanced QR Code & NFC Scan Analytics

Qfuse is a QR Code & NFC tracking and reporting system which tracks advanced analytics data for your campaign(s) over time. View scan activity on each QR Code, including total number and unique scans, date and time of each scan, geo-location information, and user device types. Custom PDF reports can be generated with a few clicks. Learn more.

Professional Mobile Website Analytics

Qfuse not only shows you who scanned your codes and tags, but what pages are viewed and which buttons are clicked. Did visitors contact you or visit your social media links? Maybe they clicked a button to call you. Pour over analytics about your campaigns and use it to increase your marketing success. Learn more.

Social Media Sharing

Centralize all of your social media channels in one place for easy access to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and LinkedIn. Social-sharing features also let visitors syndicate your content on their social networks.

Contacts at a Touch

All your contacts are a touch away with Qfuse, making it easy for visitors to reach you with click-to-call, text messaging or email.

vCard Download (Add to Mobile Contacts)

With a single click allow people to add you as a Contact to their mobile device. Supports any phone--INCLUDING iPhone (Qfuse is one of the only QR Code platforms which supports vCard and iPhone).

Photos & Videos

Make your mobile web pages visually stimulating with images and video. Upload your own photos or graphics, or embed your favorite video clips from YouTube and Vimeo.

Mapping & GPS

Mapping features make it easy to pinpoint physical locations. Visitors with GPS capabilities can get turn-by-turn directions.

Mobile Fundraising

Send visitors to donation pages where they can conveniently contribute to fundraising efforts or a worthy cause.

Promote Specials & Capture Leads

Let your customers know about special deals, publish QR Code coupons, and promote your products. Use our mobile lead capture form to let business prospects contact you. If it drives business you can leverage Qfuse to engage your customer base!

QR Code Management Dashboard

A centralized management dashboard allows you to conveniently manage all of your mobile landing pages, websites, QR Codes, and NFC Tags ... all from one place.

What makes Qfuse special?
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