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Mobile Marketing for Local Business

Local Business Can Gain Customers with Mobile Marketing

If you're a local business, you know that getting customers in the door is critical to your success. Whether you're an independent mom and pop shop, or a franchise of a national brand, Qfuse gives local businesses owners the marketing tools they need to engage their customers, wherever they may be, and bring them back to their storefront time and time again.

So what exactly can local businesses do with the Qfuse mobile marketing platform? Let's take a look:

Reviews & Testimonials

Make it easy for customers to leave a positive review on sites like Yelp, Google, BBB, Yellow Pages and others. A customer is most likely to leave feedback on-site immediately following a positive experience at your local business, so make it easy for them to speak up by scanning a QR code or typing in a short-URL for easy access on their mobile device.

Social Engagement

Give Customers a reason to get social while you're on their mind, and stay connected after they leave your store. Offer incentives to follow your business on Facebook and Twitter, or have them post something fun and creative to bring you new visibility through their social networks.

Promotions & Incentives

Make it easy for customers to get access to special promotions or deals via mobile by creating landing pages that they can access from anywhere on their smartphone. Connect customers to these specials in your advertising, on-site displays or direct mail marketing with QR codes, short URLs or NFC tags.

List Building & Lead Capture for Direct Marketing

One of the best ways for a local business to stay connected with their customers after they leave the store is to make sure they join your mailing list to receive special promotions, newsletters and or other updates. Whether your business sends promotions via email, direct postal mail, or text message, Qfuse makes it easy to for users to join your list while they are on-site at your place of business, so you can reach out to with special offers time and time again.

Contacts at a Touch

Qfuse makes it easy for customers to reach you at-a-touch on their smartphone. Easily integrate click-to-call, email and/or SMS text into your mobile website or landing pages for convenient, immediate access.

Mapping & GPS

Mapping features make it easy for customers to find your local business location from wherever they are. Insert a map into your Qfuse mobile pages, or link to your location for turn-by-turn instructions on Google Maps.

Professional QR Codes

Take your mobile website into the real world with QR Codes that can be placed on brochures, advertisements, business cards, mailers and just about anything that can be printed. Qfuse automatically generates high-quality QR codes scan reliably and are suitable for professional publication.

Mobile Websites Made Simple

Qfuse lets you easily create great-looking mobile websites that can be customized with the features their customers need most on-the-go, such as click-to-call, GPS mapping to your store location, operating hours, social media and more. However you want to engage customers, you can easily turn it into mobile-friendly marketing with Qfuse!.

Advanced Analytics

Do you often wonder how your local marketing efforts are performing? Qfuse provides real-time analytics to offer measurable data for all of the actions users take on your mobile pages and QR code scans. Wonder no more!

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