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Mobile Landing Pages for Mobile Advertising Campaigns

Mobile Landing Pages for PPC / Google AdWords

Qfuse can help you maximize the success of your advertising campaigns in mobile search, pay-per-click, and mobile ad networks. If you're on mobile you will get the greatest level of conversions, usability and identity by sending your prospects to mobile-optimized landing pages specially formatted for display on smartphones. Conversely, if you send mobile visitors to standard desktop pages that are non optimized for mobile display you will produce a poor user experience and negative brand impression, not to mention the likelihood that visitor will turn to a mobile-friendly competitor.

Qfuse provides a centralized platform that makes it easy to quickly design and deploy feature-rich, mobile-optimized mobile landing pages and micro-sites that will engage and convert prospects on mobile channels. Whether you use Google Adwords for Mobile, Yahoo Mobile Ads, or any other popular mobile advertising network, Qfuse can ensure you reach your target market more effectively.

Try Qfuse today and engage customers using mobile ads and landing pages quicker and easier than ever before!

Qfuse Feature Summary

Qfuse is a total solution for linking mobile Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns to mobile landing pages.

Mobile Landing Pages for PPC

Engage your customers immediately with effective landing pages that are specially formatted for touch-screen viewing on smartphones. Brand your pages with your own logo, color scheme and content. You can add, edit or delete pages any time.

Advanced Mobile Site Analytics

Qfuse tracks the visits to your mobile pages and provides actionable data about the actions user's take while they're on your mobile site, including page views, media views, and conversions from click-to-call, email, contact forms and social media. Learn more.

Lead Capture at a Touch

Qfuse offers multiple methods to engage new customers on mobile and capture qualified leads via email, click-to-call, text messaging or contact forms.

Photos & Video

Incorporate images and video into your mobile landing pages. Highlight product features, send a special message or provide educational information. "A picture's worth a thousand words", and this is especially true on mobile!

Promote & Manage Specials

Let your customers know about special deals! Publish digital coupons and announce promotions, or use a mobile lead capture form to let business prospects contact you. Best of all, you can change the promotions you want to offer in real-time, any time, for truly dynamic publishing capabilities.

Social Media Sharing

Give customers the power to easily share what they love about your products or services with their contacts on popular social media channels.

Dashboard Management

A centralized dashboard allows you to access allows you to conveniently manage your mobile landing pages and view reporting--all under one roof!

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