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Market Your App in the Real World with QR Codes and NFC Tags with AppConnectTM

Make it Easy to Share Your Apps Anywhere

You've invested countless resources planning and developing your app, and naturally you want to promote it to the widest possible audience of targeted users. Of course, an important first step in marketing your app is to make it available in app marketplaces such as the Apple's App Store and Google Play for Android.

However, relying solely on a crowded and competitive app marketplace is only part of the equation if you want maximum visibility in marketing your app. With Qfuse AppConnect, you no longer need to send offline users wandering into app stores (where they can become easily distracted) in order to search for your app, hope they identify the correct one, and download it.

Now you can market your app to people wherever they are in the real world - on posters, brochures, advertisements, in-store displays -- anywhere people go can now become a place to promote your app.

Qfuse AppConnect allows users to simply scan a QR code or NFC tag and get taken directly to your app download page -- no searching, no guesswork, and no distractions -- it's just easy.

AppConnect features include:

Generate Dynamic QR Codes

Qfuse generates dynamic QR codes and short URLs that make it easy to market your app offline -- users simply scan the code or enter the URL to get taken to your app's download page.

Manage NFC Tags

If you're using NFC tags to market your app, AppConnect gives you complete control of your tags 24/7. Whether your NFC tags have been distributed regionally, or worldwide, you'll have the confidence of knowing you're still in control of the user experience, even after the tags are out of your hands. Change URLs for your tags at any time with no additional tag encoding required.

Automated Device Detection

AppConnect instantly identifies the type of device the user is on and sends them to the appropriate app download location for that device. If the users device is not supported a message will display to let them know.

Tracking & Reporting

AppConnect provides real-time analytics for both QR codes and NFC tags, so that you can see which of your codes/tags are most effective in driving traffic to your app. Metrics include total and unique scans, device type and location, with customizable reporting for whatever date range you specify.

Mobile Landing Pages

You can use AppConnect to drive users directly to your app's download page, or you can first send them to a custom-branded mobile landing page with additional options to engage target users such as lead capture tools, video, social media or whatever else you want to share along with your app.

Dashboard Control

Centralized dashboard access makes it easy to manage all of your QR codes, NFC tags and reporting from one place. Whether your app promotion campaign utilizes dozens, or thousands of tags, our system provides a full-featured solution for managing everything under one roof.

Cloud Based System

Qfuse is a hosted SaaS platform, which means there's no software to maintain and no headaches to worry about. We handle the technology and provide you with the access you need at all times, the way it should be.

API Connectivity

Qfuse offers flexibility with API options for sharing data with external systems (such as CRM or reporting tools), as well as custom integration solutions, to meet unique data needs or functional requirements.

  Qfuse AppConnect is currently in Beta. Please complete the form below to request additional information about using AppConnect for marketing your mobile app.

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