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QR Codes for Restaurants

QR Codes for Contactless Digital Menus

In light of Covid-19 safety, many businesses are integrating QR codes into their operations as a safe and simple way to give customers access to information while minimizing contact with physical objects and other people.

For restaurants in particular, QR codes can be a practical contactless alternative to physical menus. A simple table-top display allows customers to simply scan a QR code and get direct access to your food and drink menus on their smartphone.

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Qfuse QR Platform Advantages

While there are many ways to generate QR codes, the Qfuse platform offers a number of features for restaurant owners and managers who want reliable, professional-grade performance and features, including:

Flexibility & Control
  • Link to meus on your own website, or build one using our mobile page-builder (Scan code above for an example)
  • Download QR codes in multiple formats to suite your usage needs
  • Customize mobile menu pages with your own logo, branding and custom styling.
Integrate other features – more than just menus!
  • Reviews – customers can take action while you have their attention!
  • Social Engagement – make it easy for customers to post about their visit!
  • List-building – get signups for your email and text lists!
  • Special Promotions – offer specials and incentives for loyal customers!
Management & Reporting
  • Update your codes at any time, even if your URLs or menus change! (no need to reprint)
  • Management features for multiple locations and menus all in one place.
  • Get reporting on your code performance.

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