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Qfuse is a Connected MediaTM Platform

What is Connected MediaTM?

In a world where smartphones are everywhere, media consumption is no longer what it once was. From a simple handheld device with an Internet connection, you can now access a virtually unlimited supply of global content, photos, video, and social networks. In addition, you can also access an array of communications tools like phone, email, SMS text messaging, and GPS mapping. That is a lot of communications power in one little device!

Now what if we want to harness the power of our smartphones to make the physical world around us more engaging, to take what are traditionally "offline" media experiences and make them interactive - that's where the idea of "Connected Media" comes in.

Connected Media transforms traditional media such as brochures, posters, magazines, packaging or promotional displays and makes them interactive by allowing you to interact with your smartphone.

How Connected Media Works

So how does Connected Media work? The key is to create a bridge between offline and online media. Three of the most common options for creating this bridge include QR Codes, NFC tags, and Short URLs:

  • QR codes - 2D barcodes can be printed on just about anything. Users scan the QR code with their smartphone using a QR code scanner app.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) - NFC tags can be embedded within a variety of objects that users can tap to interact with an NFC-enabled device.
  • Short URLs - For users without the capability to interact with QR codes or NFC tags, short URLs are a simple fallback alternative that allows users to simply enter a brief URL into their smartphone's browser.

Critical Step: Connecting to the Online Content - To tie it all together, it's critical to bridge the phyical with the "online" content. As such, using Connected Media strategy correctly involves utlizing Mobile Landing Pages. Ultimately, after the user interacts with the QR code, the NFC tag, or the short URL, they are directed to a mobile-friendly landing page where they can take action and/or view interactive content on their smartphone.

What Can I Do With Connected Media?

Regardless of the technology that is used to bridge offline and online media, there are a wide range of possibilities for how Connected Media can be applied in practical usage across a range of industries, including:

  • Content and Media Sharing
  • Social Engagement
  • Lead Capture
  • eCommerce
  • Promotions
  • Education

Basically, anything you can do on the Internet, you can do with Connected Media. Examples of Connected Media use cases include:

  • A reader scans a QR code in a fitness magazine to watch a video demonstration of a workout routine.
  • A shopper taps an NFC tag at a shopping mall kiosk to get special deals at select stores.
  • A bus rider sees a public service advertisement for a nonprofit organization, and enters a short URL to learn more about their mission and make a donation.

Connected Media will forever change the way we interact with the world around us. The technologies may change over time, but the idea of bridging offline and online experiences will remain as the fundamental interaction that makes Connected Media one of the more exciting developments in emerging communications strategies.

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