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More Info on QR Codes, NFC Tags, and Mobile Websites

QR codes and mobile websites are still relatively new for many businesses, marketers, publishers, and others who seek to add new tools to their communications arsenal. The following articles and resources are offered to help shape a better understanding of why mobile websites and QR codes are important, and how to implement them effectively as part of an overall media strategy.

Learn More About QR Codes

What Are QR Codes?
"QR Codes for Dummies," so to speak... Learn the basics and what you need to know to get started.
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Common QR Code Mistakes
Learn the top 4 most commonly-made mistakes by those engaging in QR code campaign marketing. We teach you how to not "drop the ball" with your QR code campaign.
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QR Code Best Practices
While QR codes are relatively easy to generate, their effectiveness is only as good as the strategy and standards that are applied with their use.
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What Is NFC (Near Field Communication)?
Learn the basics about NFC Tags, how they work, and why NFC may be the "wave of the future."
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Learn More About Mobile Sites

Advantages of a Mobile Website
There are so many advantages of a mobile website. Learn about some of the main ones we think you should understand.
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Mobile Websites vs Mobile Applications
Which is best for your organization - a mobile website or a mobile app? Find out why marketing execs often think one way but the data says otherwise.
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Mobile Site Content vs Desktop Content
A mobile site should not necessarily be just a miniture version of your desktop site. It's easy to be lazy and sync the two, but if you want to be successful best practises indicate the content and user experience should significantly differ.
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Mobile Landing Pages
A Mobile Landing Page is often the first page you view when clicking a link or scanning a QR code with your phone.
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Ten Ten Reasons You Want a Mobile Website
Why a mobile website? Well -- perhaps a better question is why not a mobile website? Read about our top 10 reasons why you don't just want a mobile website, you need a mobile website...
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