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Link dynamic QR Codes and NFC Tags to mobile-friendly content.
Powerful analytics & reporting help track your success.

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The Original QR Code Marketing PlatformTM

An all-in-one QR code tracking & management system.


QR Code Generator and Dashboard Create QR Codes or NFC Tags and give users a good reason to scan or tap them.

Generate 10s, 100s, or even 1,000s of dynamic QR Codes optimized for trouble-free scanning. Put them on flyers, posters, invites, business cards, etc. Manage it all in our Qfuse Management System. You can also link content to any physical item (e.g. a pen, key, bag, poster, etc) using NFC tags. The person need only touch their phone to the item and it will load up interactive content.

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Mobile Site Creator, Mobile CMSQR Code or NFC Tag takes them to mobile-friendly page or any URL you want.

Fully engage your visitors by building fully-functional, smartphone-friendly mobile sites in minutes with our Mobile Site Builder. Insert pictures, videos, maps, vCards, contact forms, or other elements. No programming skills required!

You can also simply direct visitors to any URL you want (e.g. Facebook, Youtube, etc).

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Mobile Site AnalyticsAnalyze scans, track users activity, download full reports.

Track QR Codes scans by geographic location, device type, date and time, and more. Access traffic reports and engagement metrics for your mobile site(s).

Download, share, or print branded analytics reports.

You can also pull your data into third party tools like Salesforce, Constant Contact, or Google Analytics.

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