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QR Codes and NFC Tags for In-Store Displays and Signs

Turn Your Posters into Smart Posters with QR Codes/NFC Tags and Interactive Mobile Landing Pages

Improve Outreach with QR Codes or NFC Tags on Posters & Signage

Posters are a practical, time-tested way to promote just about anything. Whether you need to advertise an event, a product, promotion, or public education effort, posters allow you to prominently display your message. But what if your posters were interactive?

Now, you can use QR codes to evolve your posters and printed materials from simple static promotions to interactive smart posters that engage viewers and bring them from the physical world to the virtual world where they can take action. By printing QR codes on your posters viewers can scan the codes with their smartphone for a truly interactive experience, including:

  • View videos and photos
  • Sign up for specials
  • Make purchases
  • Interact with social media
  • Get directions
  • Click-to-call for information

How can you do all this? Qfuse makes it simple. Read on to learn more...

Qfuse Feature Summary

NFC Compatible for Smart Posters

Qfuse can work hand-in-hand with smart posters that utilize NFC technology by serving as the mobile landing page management platform for your campaigns. Simply point your NFC tags to the URLs of Qfuse-generated mobile landing pages or micro-sites to engage target audiences with a full-featured mobile experience.

Advanced QR Code and NFC Scan Analytics

Don't just guess how your QR Code posters are performing, get data! After the codes are published our proprietary system tracks scans and collects advanced analytics over time. View scan activity, including total and unique scans, date and time of each scan, geo-location information, & user device types. Learn More

Professional QR Code Publication & Management

Qfuse makes it easy to generate and manage professional, high-quality QR codes that scan reliably and can be printed on your posters and other printed materials with ease. All of the QR codes are routed through our easy-to-use system that makes them easy to manage and track for performance.

Video & Photos

Make posters come alive with videos and photos that extend your message far beyond what can display on any piece of paper. Visitors can scan your smart poster's QR Code and instantly view rich media that literally tells your story in the palm of their hand. Upload your own graphics or embed video clips directly from YouTube and Vimeo.

Mobile Landing Pages & Micro-Sites

Viewers scanning QR Codes on your smart posters will be on smartphones, so it's important that the pages are optimized for mobile display. Qfuse easily creates great-looking, full-featured mobile pages & websites specially formatted for touch-screen viewing. Upload your logo, select your color scheme, & add content. It's that simple!

Interactive Contacts at-a-Touch

Visitors can jump from your posters to make direct contact in an instant. All your contacts are a touch away with Qfuse, making it easy for visitors to reach you with click-to-call, text messaging, email or contact forms.

Social Media & Social Sharing

Drive poster viewers to your social media where they can engage with your brand. Centralize all your social media channels in one place for easy access to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Social-sharing features also make it easy for visitors to share your content with their friends and social networks for additional exposure.

Mapping & GPS

Want to send viewers of your poster to a nearby location? Qfuse's mapping features make it easy to pinpoint addresses for turn-by-turn directions.

Mobile Commerce

If you're already selling on the web you can send visitor directly to product pages where they interact with your poster and "scan to buy" for an instant purchase.

Targeted Lead Capture

Turn your poster into a qualified mobile lead generation tool by collecting inquiries and registrations from viewers who want to learn more about whatever it is you offer.

Specials & Promotions

Got a special or promotion to publicize? Let your customers interact with your posters to learn about special deals, download digital coupons and access promotions.

QR Code & NFC Tag Management

A simple, centralized dashboard allows convenient management for all of your QR Code poster campaigns - QR Codes, NFC Tags, mobile landing pages, and tracking are all in one place for easy access at any time.

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