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What is Qfuse?

QR Code System & Mobile Site Builder

Qfuse offers a simple way to fuse offline and online media through mediums such as NFC and QR Codes. Our Qfuse Mobile Site Generator allows users to easily create professional websites and mobile landing pages which are specifically designed for smartphones.

Print the automatically-generated QR Codes and put them on any advertising. Need tens or even hundreds of QR Codes? No problem! Our QR Code Dashboard allows you to maintain as many QR Code as you require and modify them, filter them, search them, or organize them as you see fit. At any time you can even toggle your QR Codes between mobile landing pages and direct urls (e.g. a facebook page)--even after the codes are printed!

Qfuse is for NFC

You can also use NFC to link to Qfuse mobile content by embedding the code into any physical item! In that way the customer will only need to tap their phone against your item(s) and they will be instantly engaged. Qfuse allows you to now forge a connection between online content and print materials (with QR Codes) as well as physical items (using NFC). Easily engage your target audience in a way never before possible.

Qfuse Makes Mobile Marketing Easy!

Creating great-looking mobile websites and generating trackable QR codes used to be be a complicated and expensive process, but Qfuse makes these tools accessible to anyone regardless of your experience or budget. Contact us today to learn more!

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