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QR Codes for Real Estate

Use QR Codes & Mobile Websites to Promote Real Estate Properties

Qfuse allows you to promote properties, houses, condos, and apartments for sale or rent. Put a linkable QR Code and/or NFC Tag to your mobile website on posters, flyers, signage, or any marketing material promoting your real estate.

  • Get started in seconds ... completely free!
  • Engage customers quicker and more effectively
  • Link individual QR Codes to separate property listings
  • Repurpose/Reuse an existing QR Code after a property sells
  • Quickly add one, ten, or a hundred codes to your account anytime
  • Manage all your property listings within one central dashboard
  • Leverage a common template for all your properties or create multiple templates
  • Feel free to Download or Print our Qfuse for Real Estate PDF

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Qfuse Feature Summary

Qfuse is a total solution for the creation and management of mobile landing pages and websites promoting real estate properties.

Professional QR Codes

When you put a QR Code on your real estate marketing/promotional materials you open the door to display information about a home or property in an interactive way that no basic printout can. Qfuse automatically generates high-quality QR codes scan reliably and are suitable for professional publication.

Advanced QR Code Scan Analytics

After your QR Codes are published our proprietary system tracks code scans and collects advanced analytics data over time. View scan activity on each QR Code to see how the code is performing, including total and unique scans, date and time of each scan, geo-location information, and user device types. Learn More

Mobile Sites Promoting Real Estate

Qfuse allows you to create professional-looking mobile websites which can be used to effectively showcase real estate properties for sale. Upload property images, display key information such as asking price, square footage, number of rooms, etc; make contacting you easy as the push of a button.

Mapping & GPS

Display a physical map (with driving directions) right on the site so potential buyers can see exactly where the home is located.

Contacts at a Touch

Qfuse makes it easy for everyone to reach the real estate agent with click-to-call, text messaging, and email.

Photos & Video

Showcase images of the exterior and interior of any property and display as many as you want. Or maybe create video walkthroughs that guide the prospect through each room for an interactive experience that a sign or flyer could never accomplish.

Easy to Setup & Manage

Your real estate mobile site setup is easy with pre-defined templates; all site pages and QR Codes are managed from a simple dashboard interface.

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