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QR Code Tracking & Analytics

Qfuse is an advanced QR Code tracking and reporting system. Not only does Qfuse make it easy to integrate QR Codes into your marketing materials, but it also tracks advanced analytics data for your campaign over time.

Qfuse reporting allows you to view the scan activity on each QR Code, including:

  • Total number of scans and unique scans
  • Date and time of each scan
  • Geo-location information with city, state, and country for each scan
  • User device types (e.g. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc)
  • Number of scans by device type
  • Graphical View -or- Data View for reporting

Month-to-Month Comparisons

Qfuse allows you to track the progress and growth of your qr code marketing over time. With month-to-month comparisons, you can see how your campaign is comparing and trending.

Interactive Charts and Graphs

With state-of-the-art online graphing technology, you'll be able to see how your data looks visually. You can scroll over a particular part of the chart and learn more about specific data points.

Geolocation Statistics and Analytics

See what part of the world (with detail down to the city/state level) your codes are being scanned!

Detailed Table View

Holistic QR Code Campaign Statistics

See how well your campaign has performed from day 1. You will even learn what mobile devices people are using (i.e. iPhone vs Android, etc).

Mobile QR Code Tracking Data = Power

At Qfuse we believe data is power! We aim to ENABLE your success. The more marketing data you have, the better-equipped you are to make informed decisions around how to use your current and future QR Codes & Mobile Sites!

Control Your Data

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