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Use Qfuse for Mobile Marketing

Most People Don't Do QR Codes and Mobile Websites Properly.

And those who try often make basic mistakes, such as:

  • QR codes that are difficult to scan
  • QR codes that can't be changed after printing
  • No method of tracking QR code performance
  • Websites that aren't mobile-friendly
  • Landing pages that are ineffective

So We Had an Idea...

Make it easy to get started with QR codes and mobile websites by tying it all together in one system:

We Have A Winner!

We didn't just stop with the basics; there are a bunch of features that make Qfuse pretty cool:

  • Add content to your mobile pages with images, video, social media and more
  • Mobile-specific features such as mapping, vcards, click-to-call, and text messaging
  • A centralized dashboard to easily manage everything under one roof

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