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What is NFC (Near Field Communication) Tag?

NFC: Bridging the Gap between the Physical World and the Internet

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NFC has been called the "next hottest thing" which will alter how everyone uses their mobile device: everying from unlocking a car to shopping at the grocery store. Below is an overview of the potential uses of NFC.

NFC in a Nutshell

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and, as the name implies, it is a set of close-range wireless communication standards. NFC-equipped smartphones and other devices can exchange information with each other with a simple "tap" or hovering over a tag.

NFC is essentially a newer version of older "RFID" waves. As such, NFC is ideal for more secure applications like paying for things or securely or accessing secure content.

NFC also allows two-way communication. So transferring photos or contacts between devices is a common use of NFC.

What Can You Do With NFC?

Once a NFC Tag is scanned, it can be translated into actionable information, such as a text message or opening a mobile web page.

  1. Downloading Information. Advertisers and marketers can use NFC chips in posters and other promotional materials, so all you have to do to get more information is tap or wave your phone (in less time than it takes to scan a QR Code...).
  2. Create interactive marketing materials - such as "smart posters", brochures, advertisements, in-store displays, window decals, etc. Turn a plain promotion into a link to a video or lead capture form with just a tap of the phone!
  3. Getting tickets or boarding passes. Some airlines and buses are also experimenting with using NFC for boarding passes
  4. Paying for your parking meter, at least in some cities like San Francisco.
  5. Think up your own ideas...

As of today, NFC has not yet hit the mainstream in terms of widespread usage; but it's the potential that's which leaves us holding our breath. If you have an NFC-enabled mobile device, consider purchasing some NFC tags for it--they run around around $10-15 on Amazon and you might be able to make your life easier. Or, if nothing else, you'll look like a ninja when you pull up your favorite website with a simply wave of your phone.

Use Qfuse as a NFC Marketing Manager to help you maintain your NFC Marketing campaigns all in one place: a NFC Marketing Dashboard.

Lastly: Try to Avoid Common Mistakes!

Unfortunately, today many people leverage both QR Codes and NFC technology incorrectly. If you're interested in not just using NFC, but using it correctly and most effectively, read our article about Common Mistakes--which applies to both QR Codes and NFC Tags.

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Near Field Communication (NFC)

From Wikipedia ~

NFC is a set of short-range wireless technologies, typically requiring a distance of 10 cm or less. NFC operates at 13.56 MHz on ISO/IEC 18000-3 air interface and at rates ranging from 106 kbit/s to 424 kbit/s

NFC can be used in social networking situations, such as sharing contacts, photos, videos or files, and entering multiplayer mobile games.