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Qfuse QR Code and NFC Tag Platform Overview

Watch & See before you try us out

Find out what it looks like to get started with QfuseTM. Watch some of the vids below and familiarize yourself with our ever-so-simple QR code management and mobile site creation platform.

The Dashboard

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The Dashboard is a centralized area from which you can access all of your mobile sites, NFC Tags, and QR Codes.

Site Settings

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The Global Settings page allows you to define the elements that carry across all site pages, including color scheme, site title, and header graphic.

Mobile Website Editor

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The Mobile Website Editor is an all-in-one interface for managing your mobile website's pages and editing page content. It's a mobile Content Management System (CMS).

NFC Tag and QR Code Tracking

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The analytics feature tracks QR Code scan data, mobile site usage, and visitor engagement among other powerful statistics.

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