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Mobile Landing Pages

A Mobile Landing Page is the first page you view when clicking a link or scanning a QR code with your phone.

If you do business on the web you know the importance of a properly designed landing page to convert website visitors into qualified prospects and paying customers. Now more than ever, it's critical to make sure that your landing pages not only have a proper design, layout and messaging, but are also properly formatted for the rapidly growing number of visitors who access the mobile web via 3G and 4G networks on smartphones such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, as well as tablets.

Why A Mobile Landing Page?

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Standard website landing pages that are designed for desktop viewing do not display well on a mobile device. Web pages that are difficult to view on a handheld will make a negative impression and there's a good chance they'll move on to a competitor that offers a better mobile experience.

However, pages created with Qfuse are properly designed for handheld display and touch-screen interaction.

Key Elements of your Qfuse Mobile Landing Page

A mobile landing page’s goal is to produce a conversion by offering highly targeted content and a strong call-to-action. Here are some specific features and concepts to keep in mind for your Qfuse mobile landing page:

  • Mobile Page Design & Layout – Qfuse ensures that your mobile page is formatted for viewing on smaller handheld or tablet screens.  You have complete control over the elements on your page.
  • Faster page loads – To allow for bandwidth limits for many users on 3G and 4G networks, images uploaded on Qfuse are automatically compressed to ensure the fastest browsing experience.
  • Mobile-Specific Content – It’s important to remember that reading comprehension is different on the web than it is with printed materials--and that’s especially true for mobile web pages. Viewers on mobile devices are best served by streamlined content that is easy to digest at-a-glance, so this may mean rewriting some of your copy for mobile-friendly reading.
  • Touch-Screen Interface – Mobile pages made with Qfuse are compatible with (and in fact tailored for) touch-screen devices, such as smartphones like iPhone and Android.
  • Call-to-Action and Conversion – Qfuse makes it easy to make clear calls to action on your landing page. Email links, phone links, and contact-us links can all be prominent features of your mobile landing page.


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