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Driving Business Decisions with QR Code Analytics

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Many of today’s QR Code generators are unable to track critical data about who is scanning your codes, when they are scanned, and where they are scanned.  Without this tracking you can only hope that your QR Codes and/or NFC Tags are being used by consumers and that you have successfully implemented your QR Code marketing campaign.  However, with our state-of-the-art Qfuse QR Code Analytics system you can see this data visually and dissect it to make better informed marketing and business decisions in real-time.

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Track Individual QR Code Placements

With each QR Code or NFC Tag marketing campaign implemented within Qfuse you can track individual statistics as well as overall campaign success.  In fact, with Qfuse you can use unique codes and link them to the same mobile landing page to track individual codes separately.  This is helpful if you use QR Codes on various types of physical advertisements (e.g. posters, product packaging, and/or in-store displays) and wish to determine which ads are getting receiving greater traffic and from which location.  From this information you can more efficiently decide where to place future ads, invest advertising resources, or make changes to current ad campaigns.

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Detailed Geographic Data

Qfuse QR Code and NFC Analytics also tracks month-to-month statistics, allowing you the ability to view scan changes (“deltas”) over time and compare to past performance.  It even allows you to track QR Code scans at the country/state/city levels.  You can view the specific region clusters, down counts of the individual scans.   From here you can view what type of phone the individual was using, what day they scanned the code, and at what exact time of day they scanned it.

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The Power of Qfuse QR Code and NFC Analytics

The Qfuse Analytics Platform is like no other QR Code and NFC Tag reporting service! In addition to presenting intricate scan data, it also displays Mobile Site Analytics; this displays a comprehensive breakdown of which pages on your mobile site(s) were visited most and also on which ‘elements’ users specifically clicked, e.g. a click-to-call button or a link to Facebook, etc.

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Without data, it is extremely difficult to make educated decisions; instead, all you can do is hope.  With Qfuse you are empowered to make better business decisions – easily determine where to  invest marketing and sales resources to impact the bottom line.  You can also determine the most efficient ways to use QR Codes and NFC Tags for a city, state, national, or even global QR Code and NFC campaigns.  Now you’ll be able to gain new customers, better increase brand interest, and drive more sales.  Without Qfuse Analytics you are running blind, something that’s easily avoided.

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