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Common QR Code Mistakes to Avoid

Don't Drop the Ball with Your QR Code Campaign!

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The use of QR codes in marketing campaigns has increased exponentially in recent years, and with good reason. When implemented properly, a QR code can become a powerful tool by bridging offline and online media, and engaging target audiences. But all too often QR code campaigns are initiated in haste, with little planning or knowledge of QR code best practices, which ultimately leads to an ineffective campaign that delivers poor results.

It's not just the novices that struggle with using QR codes effectively. Many major brands and marketing firms also continue to make QR Code mistakes in their campaigns as well. But there's hope! Avoid these common pitfalls and ensure that your QR code campaign will get off to a solid start the first time.

4 Common QR Code Mistakes to Avoid

1 QR Codes That Are Difficult to Scan

If your QR code campaign is going to be successful, people need to be able to easily scan your code, right? Typically codes are difficult to scan for one of the following reasons:

  • There is too much data in the code
  • The code is too small for the intended scan distance
  • There isn't a proper safe zone around the code
  • The QR code graphic is of poor quality or is otherwise distorted

Avoid these blunders by ensuring that your code contains only the minimal amount of data necessary and is of sufficient size, at least 1" square. Make sure your code is the proper resolution for the intended printing size, and has plenty of breathing room and is free of stray marks or other distortions.

How Qfuse Helps

Qfuse provides URL-shortening to minimize the amount of data within the code, ensuring reliable scanning at smaller sizes. Code files are available in multiple download formats, including high-resolution Vector/EPS, to ensure that the codes are of professional, production-ready quality.

2 QR Codes That Cannot Be Tracked

If you want to know whether or not your QR code campaign is successful you need to be able to monitor when your code is scanned. A static QR code that is not tied in with a tracking system leaves you with little actionable performance data. You're in the dark.

To monitor your code's performance, make sure you use a dynamic QR code that is routed through a tracking system capable of measuring scan activity.

How Qfuse Helps

Qfuse generates dynamic QR codes that are routed through a unique tracking and reporting system with robust scan analytics

3 QR Codes That Don't Resolve to a Mobile-Friendly Landing Page

Users scan QR codes with a smartphone, so it simply makes sense that your code should take them to a page that is optimized for this type of mobile device. Codes that do not resolve to mobile-friendly pages create a poor user-experience and are not going to be as effective.

To immediately engage visitors once your code is scanned, make sure that you have a landing page formatted for mobile viewing, with a strong call-to-action and mobile-specific features like GPS directions or click-to-call buttons.

How Qfuse Helps

Qfuse comes with an integrated landing page generator that creates full-featured mobile micro-sites that display well on Smartphones like iPhone and Android. Check out the full list of features or our mobile site gallery.

4 QR Codes That Can't Be Managed After Publication

What happens if you want to change your QR code after it is published? If you have a static QR code you're out of luck, because the code will always point to the same place and can't be changed. If you want to change the code and it's in circulation for months, or years, after publication you've got a problem on your hands.

To maintain control of your QR codes after they're published make sure that you use dynamic codes that can edited on the fly. This flexibility offers not only versatility, but peace of mind.

How Qfuse Helps

Qfuse provides an integrated dashboard with centralized control of all QR code campaigns in the system. The destination for codes can be changed any time with a single click.

With a little planning, and the proper tools, you can avoid these common mistakes and ensure that your QR code campaign is a success.

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