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Qfuse: More Than Just QR Codes

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mobile-screenshots-deck When the New England based Start-up Qfuse began, the intentions were to do far more than simply spit out QR codes like so many other companies do.  What Qfuse wanted to do was not only create QR codes for users but also create a platform that helped ensure adherence to technical best practices, allowed for the building of mobile optimized websites, tracking of all individual QR codes, data collection on all scans, a low cost, easy campaign management, social media aggregation, and a self explanatory and easy to use interface.    Whether you are a single individual looking to promote yourself or your company, or a large fortune 500 company, the platform will do whatever you need it to do and more.

One problem with a lot of QR code use today is that QR codes will link to a desktop web site and not a mobile optimized web site.  This defeats the purpose of using a QR code to begin with since it fails to tailor the experience to those people using mobile phones—the exact people who you are trying to target.  For most people they are either not aware of the importance of linking to a mobile optimized site, or believe they lack the funds to create a mobile website to go along with their desktop web site, or simply lack the platform and knowhow to achieve their ideal goal.  With the Qfuse platform a mobile website is attached to each QR code and can be designed to your liking right there on the platform in an easy to use format, allowing you to import, photos, videos, maps, v-cards, and store locators.  This ensures that your QR code is attached to a functional and mobile optimized web site and all for an incredibly reasonable and inexpensive price.

Another big problem with most QR code companies or devices, is that the QR codes fail to provide any analytics or data.  This lack of information means that the QR code user is running blind.  Without the data you have no idea if your QR code campaign is successful, or how you might be able to tailor it to improve its function going forward.  With the Qfuse platform however, analytics are provided for every QR code.  The information collected includes: number of scans, time and location of each scan, device used to scan, a month to month comparison of scans, and much more.  This information allows you to track each individual code and make changes as you collect the data, and ensures you will know if your QR codes are doing their job and living up to their potential.

For someone using a single QR code or hundreds of QR codes, the platform allows for easy management and puts all your campaigns in a single place.  This allows for easy access, helps make changes to individual mobile sites and landing pages efficient, helps you keep track of all campaigns and their success at just a quick glance, and makes sharing within your organization easy.

If you or your organization is planning on using, or already does use QR codes (or NFC) and/or mobile web sites, there is an easier way for you to do it and that is using Qfuse.com.  The low cost, ease of use and many extra benefits make this platform an incredible tool that every marketer, or advertiser, no matter the size of your organization, needs to be using.  Your life will be better off for it.

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