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Mobile Website Builder and Mobile Landing Page CMS

Mobile websites are an integral piece of a Connected MediaTM strategy. They're convenient, professional, and most importantly help customers interact with you by allowing you to share information more effectively.

Qfuse Mobile Website Editor

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The Qfuse mobile website editor is an all-in-one interface for managing your mobile websites and editing individual mobile landing pages. It is effectively a Mobile Content Management System ("Mobile CMS").

Even if you are experienced with making "traditional" desktop websites, mobile websites are a totally different ballgame. They can also be very expensive, costing well into the thousands of dollars for professional, yet basic, mobile websites.

Use the Qfuse Mobile CMS to Build Professional Mobile Sites

The Qfuse application puts you in the driver's seat and allows YOU to build a professional mobile website in seconds. Qfuse's mobile website builder is so easy your babysister could do it! Simply pick the elements you want to have on your page (text, images, social media feeds & icons, vcards, etc) and drop them onto your mobile page. You'll see the page change immediately--LIVE in the Mobile Preview.

But don't just take our word for it. Sign up today free and get a feel for how Qfuse's Mobile CMS works. Create an account and begin to explore the mobile web!

Design Customization

Customize the look and feel of your mobile pages with your own logo and color scheme.

Content & Structure

All of the tools you need to easily create text content, and touch-friendly navigation menus, links, and buttons.


Make your pages come alive with photos, graphics, and video from YouTube or Vimeo.

Contact Features

Your mobile pages become instantly interactive with contact features such as click-to-call, email and SMS. Instantly share your contact information with others using our mobile vCard feature.

Lead Capture

Easily engage qualified prospects with customizable mobile lead capture forms. Get instant email notifications, or even integrate with your CRM system.


Our integrated mapping tools use Google Maps to make it easy to provide location-specific info and directions with GPS.


Connect your mobile pages to popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more. Social-sharing tools also make it easy for others to promote your site on their social pages for maximum exposure.

Mobile Analytics

Find out exactly what users are doing on your site with mobile page analytics. How many clicked, called, or shared? Now you'll know!

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