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Mobile Evolution and Digital Marketers

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ipad-apps-600The landscape of mobile technology is a fast paced ever changing world.  We have seen the dramatic rise of smartphones from a small minority of users to a full on majority.  This change thrust marketers into a new world in which they were forced to adapt quickly just to keep up, and many have fallen by the wayside.  But the world of mobile technology has again taken a dramatic jolt forward in the past year or more. The culprit: Tablets.

Though smartphone usage isn’t going to slow down any time soon, a new milestone has been reached.  As of 2013, based off the Adobe Digital Index, global websites are now seeing more traffic from tablet devices than smartphones.  Change in this mobile world only seems to increase in speed, so you had better be able to change with it, and fast.

This is significant for digital marketers in particular due to the fact that tablet users tend to make larger and more online purchases than smartphone users (Adobe Survey Results); indicating that the resources available to the marketer might be best spent in optimizing their tablet formats before anything else.

Of course at this point in time any digital marketer worth their salt should have already optimized their mobile format, put in place a mobile advertising strategy, and implemented a QR code or NFC campaign.  So resources would hopefully be available at this point to invest in their tablet development and optimization.

Looking at the overall mobile strategy for digital marketers it is vital that they understand their particular mobile market.  In order to accomplish this it means they must have a way to track the data of their consumers, measure that data, and test various formats and campaigns.  Through this information the proper changes can be made and evolved to ensure an optimal mobile strategy amongst the various possible devices.

For optimal efficiency in fulfilling these requirements make sure you are using a proper platform to help manage your mobile strategy and accrue the data and measurements needed to adapt said strategy to your particular market.

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