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Increase Efficiency at Restaurants and Fast Food Establishments with NFC

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BrandtableWant a way to increase the efficiency of your restaurant?  Brand Table might be the way.  Using NFC technology Brand Table has come up with a creative way to make ordering easier and more efficient for both the customer and business.

Let’s say you are in your local mall food court at lunch time.  You look around and see lines at all your favorite dinning locations.  You can either choose to wait in the long line, or leave the mall and go eat somewhere else.  In this situation, both you (the consumer) and the business lose out.

What if, on the other hand, instead of having to wait in line you could simply scan an Branded NFC tag of your favorite fast food joint at your table and place your order right there on your smartphone.  No waiting in line!  You save the wait time, get to eat your favorite meal, and the restaurant doesn’t lose out your business.  It’s a win-win.

On top of this, you place your order on your phone and pay right on your phone as well!  This again saves you the time it takes to stand in line to pay and also saves the business the time it takes for the employees to ring you up.  Perhaps now, instead of needing two employees to ring people up at busy times, they may only need one, reducing payroll costs.

As soon as your meal is ready you are sent an alert and you simply head to the counter, show them your receipt (which was sent to your phone when you paid) and grab your food to go.  Everyone is happy, the process is far more efficient, the business didn’t lose your order because of your lack of patience, and overhead costs for the business may have even been less since fewer workers needed to be paid to get you your meal.  Economic progress at hand!  The market is a beautiful thing.

This is a great example of the possibilities of NFC technology and now that a majority of Americans have smartphones and NFC enabled phones and tablets, there is little excuse not to figure out how this technology can help your business and improve the experience of your customers.  Just make sure you use a platform that will let you manage your NFC tags in one place, provide analytics and help to ensure you are following general best practices.