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MiiR Water Bottles Uses QR Codes to Highlight an Important Cause

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MiiR2I got my new MiirR water bottle the other day and first noticed the great tag explaining the humanitarian benefit purchasing a MiiR bottle does for the less fortunate around the world.  The next thing I noticed was the QR code on the back of the tag, which provided me with exactly what I was looking for after reading about this highlighted cause.

When you purchase a MiiR water bottle you are helping to provide one person with clean water for an entire year in Africa.  In fact, inside the bottle is a bracelet with a number that allows you to go online and see what community actually benefited from the new clean water made possible by your purchase.  The tag on the bottle highlights this fact, but there is only so much on the tag.

If you are anything like me and you see this claim, or are made aware of a serious humanitarian issue, you will likely desire to learn more about it.  Luckily MiiR had the great idea to place a QR code on the back of the tag to ensure that curiosity does not go to waste.

MiirThe QR code has a fantastic call to action, “This is your movie ticket.  Simply scan to watch our documentary about clean water.”  This call to action easily clears up what you will get upon scanning the code: a video on the importance of clean water and what can be done.

This use of a QR code is a great way to help educate consumers about serious humanitarian issues, and provide the information to consumers at the moment they are most likely to have your attention and be interested in the issue at hand.

The QR code and call to action is done very well, and the linking video/landing page, though not mobile optimized, lets you simply click on the video and be taken to the YouTube mobile optimized video documentary.

MiiR1This is a great example of good QR code use helping to provide additional information to a customer.  And though its purpose is mainly to bring awareness to this important cause, it may also help in driving sales by helping the MiiR bottle stick out over other competitors.  I am sure many people would choose to purchase one bottle over another if they knew that the purchase of one would mean they are directly benefiting someone in need on the other side of the world.

There is a time and place for QR codes, and product packaging is certainly one of those.  Just be sure that when you decide to use QR codes you do so properly, and are providing real value like we see from MiiR above.  Also be sure to use a platform that will let you manage your QR code campaign in one place, ensure you comply with best practices, are able to track all scan data, and is inexpensive.