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QR Codes and Television: it Finally Makes Sense

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QR Code on Television

The use of QR codes in television programming and commercials has exploded over the past year, and with good reason. QR codes are an effective way to interact with viewers, turning a passive experience into an action through connected media.  

Although television producers and advertisers of all types are now realizing the practical use of QR codes in their programming, what’s important is that they’re finally getting smarter about how they use them. Way back in 2013 we wrote about a poorly implemented QR code experience on television, when QR codes were still a novelty for most people.

Fortunately, over the years QR code usage has evolved to be more practical and goal-driven, creating an improved user experience across a range of media — from print materials to digital displays, including television.

The rise of QR codes in television in no surprise, as their use presents a range of opportunities that can help make programming more informative and engaging, adding a new dimension to the viewer experience.

Direct Interaction with Advertisements

QR codes can be used to provide additional information about a product or service being advertised, or offer resources of interest related to a program. By scanning the code with a smartphone, viewers can access a website, product page, educational materials, or additional resources. This can enhance the viewing experience and increase the chances of viewers taking action after seeing an advertisement or program.

Data, Tracking & Analytics

QR codes can be tracked to determine the number of times they have been scanned, the locations where the scans have taken place, and specifically where and when the scan has taken place. This data can be used to gauge the effectiveness of the programming, provide strategic insights, and help inform improvements.

Increased Engagement

QR codes provide a convenient way for viewers to engage with the content on their screens. Viewers can quickly and easily access additional information and participate in promotions, contests, surveys, sign-ups, and social media, which can increase the level of engagement with a program or commercial.

Improved Accessibility

QR codes make it possible for viewers to access additional information even if they are unable to remember a website or phone number mentioned in the advertisement. This can be particularly beneficial for older viewers or those with visual or memory impairments.

Extend Brand Exposure

QR codes can be used to promote a brand beyond the limited time slot of a television program or commercial. Once scanned, a QR code can provide access to a company’s website or social media pages, increasing the brand’s exposure and reach.

In conclusion, QR codes can provide a range of benefits for television programs and commercials, including increased engagement, improved accessibility, and increased brand exposure. The ability to provide viewers with quick and convenient access to additional information can enhance the viewing experience and help companies better connect with their target audience.

Viewers Are Ready

Most importantly, television viewers are finally ready to interact with QR codes, which is the key prerequisite to them being a sensible idea to place into TV programming in the first place. QR codes are now in widespread use across a variety of physical spaces and media in a way they have not been previously, and technological barriers to usage have all but been removed, since new mobile devices can scan QR codes natively — no apps to download and deploy, simply point and scan!

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