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QR Code Case Study: Product Packaging for LifeProof™

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lifeproof coverProduct packaging is one of the most obvious uses for QR codes and can help drive sales, create added value, or simply provide more information about a given product or service.  At a recent large retail event near my hometown I stumbled upon my latest QR code case study, where I point out the pros and cons of a specific example of QR code use.  In this case it was the product packing for LifeProof™, a protective casing for IPhones.

The Good

– They used a QR code.  That alone means they are off to a great start.

– There is a call to action next to the QR code to “find out more.”  Not the most exciting call to action, but it exists.  Not having a call to action would make the QR code very unproductive.

– The connected desktop site has as much detail as could possibly be desired and will likely answer any question a customer might have had.

– Lastly, and unrelated to the QR codes, but important to point out:  the cover graphics are AWESOME.

lifeproof topThe Bad

– The QR code is on the top of the box, making it hard to see and decreasing the likelihood that it will be scanned.  The QR code should be moved to the front of the box if the marketers really wanted to increase the value of the code.

– Not necessarily a negative, but offering something more exciting to the customer for scanning the QR code would be nice, for example a coupon, an app download, or anything more than just finding out more about the product.

– Lastly, and this is possibly the most important, the QR code landing page is not mobile optimized.  Instead of taking you to a nice mobile website you are taken to a desktop website.  The desktop website is nice and all but it is still hard to use.  Not only this, but the landing page is simply the home page for LifeProof™, not the most exciting or interesting content for the customer.  Instead the landing page would be better served by directing the customer to a mobile optimized landing page that provides a information of frequently asked questions, or perhaps a video on the product in action showing how awesome it is.

LifeproofThough this is certainly not a perfect use of a QR code, the fact that they are using them on their product packaging is a step in the right direction.  And as soon as their QR code creativity matches their fantastic graphics creativity you can count on their QR codes helping to drive their sales.

Remember in order to use a QR code well, and maximize its effectiveness, you must be able to check off at least these few important things:  Ensure the QR code is clearly visible, ensure there is a good call to action, and lastly make sure it directs the user to a mobile optimized landing page.  Do these three things and you will be off to a great start.  Oh, and it certainly helps to have a platform that makes your QR code creation, use, and tracking easy to manage, not to mention inexpensive.