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NFC Makes the Published Word Come Alive in the Billboard Magazine

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Billboard MagazineNFC technology has fantastic potential for an incredible number of industries and organizations, even despite the low usage in the United States.  This low usage is sure to change as NFC slowly begins to find its place in the general market and companies begin to use it in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

The rest of the world however appears to be ahead of the fifty States, whether it be in India, or now even Brazil, where we see a perfect recent example of how awesome, and how useful NFC can be to help engage the consumer, and help drive sales.

This example of NFC being used in Brazil was orchestrated by the Billboard Magazine in an issue a couple months back.  What the magazine did was insert an NFC chip into the pages where particular bands or songs were mentioned.  Then if you desired to listen to the band or particular track the consumer could simply place their phone near the page and they would automatically be directed to a webpage where the song can then be played for free.

This exciting use of NFC helps make the written word come alive.  Now as an article talks about some new band you can hear the music right at that same moment.  And if you like the song you simply click to buy it on iTunes.

NFC uses like this one can certainly help re-vitalize print media and help fuse offline and online media in ways never thought possible even a few years before.  This genius use by Billboard Magazine in Brazil is only the tip of the iceberg of where NFC can go in the coming years.  But as people begin to experience these great uses there will be no slowing it down, even in the many United States of America.

If you do plan on using NFC technology in any of your marketing or advertising campaigns, just make sure you follow general best practices and are using a platform that can ensure a successful campaign and help increase you campaign’s efficiency.

For more on this example of great NFC use, see the video below.