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NFC for Daily and Personal Use

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Home UseTypically I write about NFC technology in general and how businesses or organization are using or might use the technology for marketing and advertising uses.  But there are other ways NFC can be used by anyone to help make their lives more efficient, easier, or simply cooler.  Here is a list of a handful of the possibilities:

NFC tag in car:  Place a programmed NFC tag on your dashboard or on a phone holder and have it enabled Bluetooth automatically (this will greatly encourage you to not use your phone while driving).

NFC tag in car:  Do the same as above but have it launch a music app or iTunes and start rocking out the moment you turn you car on.

NFC tag on Nightstand:  Program your tag and place it on your nightstand so that every night as you get in bed and place your phone on your nightstand your alarm is automatically enabled, and when you flash it again it goes to snooze and a third time shuts off.

NFC tag on Nightstand:  Like above you might also program the tag so that it automatically turns off all sound (minus your alarm), or start a white noise app to ensure a great sleep.

NFC tag for work or home visitors:  Program the NFC tag so that if someone flashes it with their smartphone they will gain instant access to your home or work wifi, allowing easy access but while also keeping your password protection in place for unwanted or unexpected visitors.

NFC tag at work:  Program a tag and place it on your desk so that every morning when you come in you place your phone on your desk and your daily planner pops up, or use it for some other important daily work routine or app.

NFC tag near main entrance into your house:  Program the tag so that when you enter your house you simply flash your phone in front of your mounted NFC tag and wifi is enabled.

NFC tag mounted on room wall:  You flash your phone and your favorite playlist starts playing over your speakers (assuming it is synced to your phone).

These are just a handful of possibilities for personal use of NFC tags, but the actual uses are almost endless depending on your creativity.  Near field communication is for everyone, not just large companies.


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