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Extend Store Hours with QR Codes

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walmart-virtual-toy-store-toronto QR code can serve hundreds or even thousands of purposes.  Some of those purposes might be for distributing information, connecting people or groups, capturing leads, donating to causes, providing added value, driving sales or whatever.  The one particular way a QR code might be used that I wish to highlight here, and is relevant for all store owners, is using QR codes to extend your store hours and help you bring in revenue even while your store is closed.

Even Brick and Mortar Store Can Always be Open

Say you have store hours between 10 and 6, you are likely losing out on some potential customers before and after your store hours, but likely not enough for you to justify the cost of remaining open.  To stay open you would have to pay employees, use electricity, and whatever other expenses you might accrue due to your particular type of business.  So that being said, how can you catch some of those lost customers when your doors are close?  The solution of course is the QR code.

Let me preface this by saying that this may work better for some type of stores over others.  But how you can drive sales by using QR codes is by placing the products you offer with their own designated QR code in your store window, or some other display tower or wall outside of your store.  The customer would then be able to scan the code and make a purchase right there, and the product (depending on what it is) might be sent to their house, or held for pick-up by them at a later date.  This simple remedy has the potential to capture many lost sales, and costs you almost nothing for overhead.

Opening New Ways for Customer Engagement

In fact, depending on your type of business, it might even be beneficial to have during regular store hours for when you are busy, or if you have a customer who is in a rush.  This way you won’t lose out on a sale if there is too long of a wait and your customer lacks patience.

The uses for QR codes are endless, and there is almost guaranteed to be a productive use for your particular need.  Really it is just a matter of looking at your entire business closely, analyzing it, thinking creatively and you will surely be able to come up with a great use for QR codes to either provide added value or drive sales.  Just make sure you read our best practices guide before jumping into the QR code game.

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