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Using QR Codes to Provide Information to Customers

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PuppyOne of the many great ways to use QR codes is in a retail business setting.  In such a setting QR codes can be used in an incredible variety of ways, either from the perspective of a single retail product producer, or the retail business owner.

From the perspective of the retail business owner using a QR code to provide additional value or deals to their customer is a great choice, for example providing coupons by scanning a code and having the customer provide their email address.  Another way a business owner might help the consumer, and even help reduce staff or provide additional tools to staff, is to use QR codes to provide additional information to customers.

To illustrate what I mean let’s look at a recent pet store I stopped in at.

This pet store had QR codes posted on the windows of each cage.  The QR code had a solid call to action, telling the consumer to scan the code if they want more information on the particular cat or dog.

Upon scanning the code they were taken to a mobile optimized website, though slightly outdated looking (not sure how you manage that with a mobile website).  The landing page provides answers to almost any question you might have about the animal and other information, including:  appearance, personality, grooming, and a ton more information on other topics that I personally know little about.

Puppy1This great use of a QR code helps the customer access information even if the store employee is busy, or perhaps helps reduce the need for employees, thus helping to reduce overhead costs for the store.

For the employee, assuming he/she is still needed, can also access this information in times that he/she may not know an answer.  They can simply scan the code and find the answer to a customer’s question.  A very handy tool for employees in most retail settings.

This type of QR code use can be used in any situation where a product might be complicated, very technical, or where customers often ask a ton of questions.  This might mean using QR codes to explain electronics, outdoor gear, footwear, or whatever.

As a retail store owner it is vital to stay ahead of the game and think outside the box, particularly with internet sales continuing to take market share.  It is vitally important to provide additional value and information to customers to keep them coming back to the store, rather than going online or even to another physical retail location.

QR codes are easy, smart, and inexpensive, just make sure you use a platform that meets all of your needs and is easy to use.  Hmmm, that seems to explain Qfuse!  So give it a shot.