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The Future of Mobile Technology (through pictures)

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For some reason there is still so much negativity in the world today surrounding the future of various mobile technologies like QR codes and NFC.  Many people for some reason cannot understand why they would be useful, how they can benefit their own lives, or how they can lead to economic progress and wealth creation, and they take their lack of understanding and often times try to convince others that their lack of imagination or understanding is reason enough to believe that these different mobile technologies are doomed to fail.

Obviously I disagree with these naysayers, as I think anyone with a bit of imagination, or even a tertiary understanding of how markets (read: ‘people’) act, would.  But I do not believe I am unrealistically optimistic, as I think there is a time and place for these technologies.  I also worry about the potential for government manipulation and control if they get their hands on these technologies (for example government would love a fully cashless monetary system so they could more easily manipulate the money supply, tax their subjects and watch over the actions of everyone under their control).  But I hope the people will prevent this sort of thing from happening as I believe we have learned much about our government from the recent events involving the NSA and IRS.

The future I see for these mobile technologies though is similar to the infographic you see below.  The potential and usefulness for these technologies in our everyday life is amazing.  From increased financial security, to greater convenience, to lower prices there is a real and significant benefit to the mass adoption of NFC, QR codes and the like.

This infographic might even help those unimaginative readers out there come to have a greater respect for the potential of these mobile technologies.  If not I would love to hear your criticisms in the comments section.

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Mobile Payment 2015 [infographic]
Mobile Payment 2015 [infographic]
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