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QR Codes in Print Advertisements: Seriously, Why Aren’t You Doing This?

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Reason Magazine1I was reading my latest issue of Reason Magazine when I flipped it over and noticed that the back cover—doubling as a full page advertisement—contained a well placed QR code, and perfectly highlights what I believe is a perfect use for QR codes in print advertising.

The QR code itself was faultless.  Low density for easier scanning; large enough to be noticeable but not too large to take away from the advert itself; a perfect call to action, telling the customer what they will get upon scanning and making it perfectly relevant to what the ad was selling; and lastly, the landing page was mobile optimized, ensuring fewer people exit the site due to poor functionality.

The most important aspect of this advert though, and the point I want to highlight the most, is for you to see how perfectly the QR code compliments the product being sold and will more than likely help drive sales that otherwise would have never occurred.

Reason MagazineIn this case the advertisement is for a book titled “Terms of Engagement.”  Obviously it is geared to the subject matter and types of people that would typically be reading Reason Magazine.  The write up is interesting and concise; there are a couple of great endorsements by the President of FEE (a big name among libertarian circles) and one of the most well known journalists/editorialists in the country, clearly this advert will draw some interest from readers and some—if they remember—will surely purchase the book.

What the QR code does to this advert though, is take that interest that the ad itself created and ensure that more of those people who said to themselves “you know, that sounds like an interesting book, I should remind myself when I get in front of my computer to go purchase it on Amazon,” and then promptly forgot to go purchase it, are given the opportunity to buy the book at the moment their interest is highest, and providing the accessibility to purchase the book without having to remember to do so later when their interest may have waned.   A QR code directed to the Amazon page for the book is all it takes.

It seems to me that if you are running an advertisement for some product or service—like a book—it is incredibly useful, and sure to increase sales, by simply including a QR code with said advert, and providing your consumers with an easy accessible way to make the purchase when they are most likely to do so.  If you aren’t using QR codes in such a way there is a 100% chance you are losing sales.

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