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Australia Mail Carrier Uses QR Codes as Stamps to Spread Holiday Cheer

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Australia MailAustralia’s mail service has come up with a very creative value added benefit to their carrier service as an attempt to increase physical mail usage as letter volumes have steadily been decreasing over the years and they have been losing out to other parcel carrying companies.

What the mail service has done is developed what they are calling a ‘Video Stamp,’ or really just a QR code that they will use for the upcoming Holiday season.  How it works is that the new QR code, if desired by the customer, will replace the traditional stamp on all parcels and letters.  The sender of the mail can then upload a video message up to 15 seconds long which is then accessible to the recipient by simply scanning the code with their phone.

This is a great way to personalize packages and letters, bring the mail into the 21st century, and provide additional value to customers.  Most of these QR code stamps will be free with purchase of mailing services and thus no extra cost to the consumer.

The mail service will also be advertising this great new service through national TV ads, digital, print and out-of-home advertising campaigns.  The TV ads can be seen below.

This sort of added value is a smart way for any mail carriers or parcel carriers to provide additional value at little to no cost to the consumer or company.  Amazing it took people this long to come up with the idea, but I am glad someone finally did.

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