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NFC Tag is the New Business Card

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Business cards NFCAnyone who is in the habit of carrying business cards with them at all times has certainly had that occasion where they run into someone that would benefit from having their card but they either they ran out or it was the one time they weren’t carrying them.  This can be terribly frustrating.  Luckily there is now a way to solve this dilemma.

Instead of jamming a bunch of business cards into your wallet, or perhaps in addition to those business cards, you can now replace them with an NFC tag.  Saving your wallet from looking like George Castanza.

What the NFC tag allows you to do is transmit information from your wallet to a mobile device.  So instead of handing the person your card, all they need to do now is place their smartphone near your wallet and your contact info will be downloaded into their phone.  Now a lost business card on their end or your own won’t stand as a road block to a potential sale or connection.  And you never need to worry about running out of business cards again.

But not only does the NFC fix this issue of running out of business cards, but it also saves you money and time.  Depending on how many business cards you go through a year, this can lead to some pretty substantial savings, particularly if you are the type who attempts to impress through their high end business cards.

What better way to impress someone though than to show them a cool new technology for the first time.  I am sure most people don’t even realize their smartphone is NFC enabled, so you will be doing them a great service for that reason alone.

If you are looking for NFC tags and a platform to manage your tags and mobile sites, be sure to check out the Qfuse platform.  It couldn’t make things easier.