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NESN and the Red Sox Do QR Code Right…Finally

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RedSox1A couple months back I was watching a Red Sox game on NESN and out of the blue a QR code appeared on screen.  I was shocked since I had never seen this before during a game or during any other TV broadcast.  Initially I was very excited, but this excitement didn’t last long.

Unfortunately the code appeared on screen and the only thing to indicate its purpose was the word ‘schedule’ written below it.  This would make sense to you if you knew what to do with a QR code, but if you do not know what to do with a QR code—like most people—you must have been pretty baffled.  Throw in the fact that it was only on screen for a few seconds (barely enough for me to snap a photo, even despite my incredible acceleration off my couch).  This was a good example of how not to use a QR code (though it did appear to me to have great potential).

Again I was watching a Red Sox game on NESN this past weekend and what would you know but a QR code appears once again on my TV set.  Only this one was different.

Right when the QR code jumped up on screen the sideline commentator began explaining to the viewers that they can scan the code with their smartphones, and if they do so they will be directed to a video on NESN’s mobile website(!) about the proper approach and plate mechanics for any young batter learning the game.

RedSoxThe QR code on screen was labeled ‘Approach’ to go along with the sideline reporter’s commentary, and the video was a three minute long batting instruction with former Red Sox great Jim Rice focusing on proper bat angle and motion through the strike zone.  It was a great little video instruction for any youngster trying to improve their hitting.

In addition to this great call to action and discussion of the QR code, NESN also realized that keeping the code on the screen longer would entice more scans.  As you can see by my screen shots I had time to take a photo and a scan the code, unlike the first time.  This being said, I jumped to the screen the moment I saw the code and only barely was able to scan it and take a photo, so a few seconds longer would probably have been ideal.

This sort of additional value that can be shared with viewers through creative uses of QR codes is a great example of what other businesses and organizations should be doing as well.  Sure sometimes it takes a few attempts to get it done correctly, but once mastered the value it can create is well worth the effort.

To ensure you limit the number of attempts to master the QR code be sure to read our best practices and use a platform that will help ensure you use this technology correctly and allow you to manage everything all from one place.