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Measuring Mobile and the Future of Mobile Marketing

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terramar_modalMobile use has been growing exponentially every year for some time now, but it has taken much longer for mobile marketing and advertising to catch up to this new vast market.  What Google and ClickZ recently discovered in researching marketers around the world is that 2013 looks like the year they plan on getting serious about mobile: Finally.

What Google and ClickZ discovered was that for many marketers and advertisers they have realized that mobile is no longer a periphery campaign, but instead mobile has, or will soon, become the most important focus of their particular campaigns.  In fact roughly 87% of marketers and advertisers whom they polled said they plan on increasing their emphasis on mobile in the upcoming year.  What exactly they mean by ‘emphasis’ differs, but they include things like creating mobile optimized websites, increased mobile advertising, development of a mobile app, or plans to market a mobile app.  This might also include other forms of creative mobile-to-traditional forms of advertising such as QR Codes or NFC.

It seems however, based on the Google findings, that marketers are still lagging behind on mobile measurement.  In fact almost 60% of marketers view themselves as severely lacking when it comes to measuring mobile.  For those marketers who are analyzing the data however, they are finding that the mobile metrics they study show a huge unexploited market opportunity and are looking to capitalize on this in the coming year.

For many marketers out there a company like QFuse might be able to help them accomplish many of their mobile goals in the coming year, and do it efficiently and inexpensively.  Whether it is by creating mobile-optimized websites, QR Code marketing strategy and support, or ensuring full easy to use mobile analytics, QFuse could very well be a perfect fit.