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J.C. Penny's Creative Use of QR Codes

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It seems like every day there is a new creative way individuals and companies are using QR codes to improve customer experience, get a message out, increase sales, or simply to entertain people.  The latest use I stumbled upon was J.C. Penny using QR codes to create added value for their holiday customers.

Getting Creative with Personalized Voice Messages

It seems like the companies, or individuals, who use QR codes the best are those that are able to think out of the box and J.C. Penny sure did that here.  When a customer came into the store and purchased a gift they could also pick up a “Santa Tag”.  What this tag allowed them to do is attach a personalized voice message with their gift, so when the gift is opened on Christmas morning the recipient also received an audio season’s greetings as well.

How this worked was each “tag” was equipped with a QR code.  The customer would scan the QR code and be prompted to give their voice greetings.  Their greetings would then be recorded, the “tag” then taped to the gift (each “tag” has adhesive on one side) and on Christmas morning when the recipient receives the gift he/she would be prompted to scan the QR code and the recorded message would be played.  How cool is that?!

The Benefits of Using a QR Code Creatively

This sort of QR code use may not increase efficiency, or drive sales, but it certainly creates a value added for the customer and may even help improve customer loyalty.  These sorts of creative experiences for the customer and recipient will certainly be remembered and increase the goodwill of those involved.

J.C. Penny is just one more example of how creative uses for QR Codes abound and can improve a customer’s experience.  It is a wonder why so few companies have yet to jump on the QR code bandwagon.