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How using QR Codes Can Increase Sales

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verizon-qr-codes Businesses want to increase sales, and increase profits.  That is the point of their existence after all; sell a good or service and make as big a profit as possible, and the benefit of them doing so is a better world for all of us.  New technologies come along and companies need to decide if a particular technology can be helpful in that most important end goal.  Sometimes the investment is worth it, other times it isn’t.  With QR codes, it seems that for most companies, in most industries, QR codes can either directly or indirectly help to increase sales, and really the way you choose to utilize QR codes to this end is almost unlimited.

One good example of how QR codes can help drive sales is a campaign done by Verizon Wireless a couple years back.  What Verizon Wireless did was use tools such as QR code technology and social networking together to help facilitate the customer’s most basic human trait: self interest.

Upon scanning the Verizon QR code, the consumer was then prompted to learn about a way that they could acquire a smartphone at no cost to them.  All the consumer had to do was share the Verizon smartphone link on Facebook, and if someone clicked on their link and ended up purchasing a Verizon phone, the original person who shared the link would receive a free smartphone.

This campaign is genius since it turn the consumer into the advertiser.  The consumer now has the proper incentive to advertise to friends and family Verizon phones, and if they do a good job they will reap the reward of a brand new phone for themselves.  But even if they fail to get a direct sale through their link, they are also providing free advertising and brand awareness through their Facebook posts, and in this case garnering over 25,000 Facebook ‘shares’.

The sales generated from this promotion resulted in an a ROI of 3400%.  That result should speak for itself.

If you think there is a way you could use QR codes, or NFC technology to boost your sales be sure to check out the great platform Qfuse.com offers to easily, and inexpensively manage your QR campaigns, and build mobile websites.

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