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FedEx Office, Incentives, and QR Codes

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FedExI was at the local FedEx store yesterday to print out some documents, scan, and email them (my office printer/scanner broke) to ensure I have health insurance coverage for next year–perhaps a bit last minute on my part.  To my surprise I was given a great example of how to incentivize QR code use.

While I was there waiting to get some help I noticed a sign with a QR code right at the register.  On the sign was a great call-to-action titled “We listen” in bold print.  Below it the call to action asked for the customer’s feedback on their experience, and in return they will receive a coupon towards their next purchase.

When you scan the code you are then taken to a FedEx mobile site that lets you quickly and easily give your feedback about your experience in the store.  Upon completing the survey you are given a coupon for 10% off your next in-center order and 25% off your next online “FedEx Office Design and Print order.”  Not a bad deal for one minute of your time.

FedEx1It is this sort of coupon offer—or it could be some other similar financial benefit or offer—that can drastically help drive QR code scans.

In this particular case FedEx may want to collect customer data to see where they might be able to improve their service, or make things more efficient, so they need to find a way to collect data.  With a QR code, and a coupon offer to go along with it, they create a good incentive for customers to give their feedback but also, in turn, help to drive future sales with the same coupon.

Obviously this FedEx example is just one of many.  Perhaps, for another example, if you wanted to drive downloads of your mobile app you might include a coupon, or free shipping, or special deal for anyone who downloads the app.  People enjoy these sort of deals and will take a few seconds out of their day for them.  So no matter what your end goal is, if you can offer a free (besides the cost of time) financial incentive to your customers, you should see an improvement in your QR code conversion.

Incentives work, so give incentives to you customers; both parties will be happy in the end.