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Consumers are on Mobile and so Should You

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The world is an ever changing place, particularly the modern world, and the consumer’s tastes and habits fail to stay the same.  Due to this fact, all businesses must be ready to change with the time, adapt and get ahead of the trends, or at least change with the trends.  One of the biggest changes and trends recently has been of consumers opting out of the traditional physical shopping to online shipping, but it hasn’t stopped there, instead this online shopping has now moved to mobile shopping.  And it is in this arena that businesses must adapt today or be left behind.

Increasing Number Mobile Shoppers

Roughly 65% of all mobile users said that they use their devices to shop online (per a First Data Corp-ICICI Merchant Services study), and this number is only likely to increase.  Per a recent Adobe Mobile Consumer Survey of these mobile shoppers the most purchased items were “clothing, shoes, and jewelry…followed by books, magazines, and newspapers…[then]movies, music, and games (excluding mobile games).”  This means many consumers are willing to shop for most consumer items on their mobile devices.  This fact means a lot to your current and future sales.

How Much is Being Spent via Mobile?

If we look at some other results of the Adobe survey (results below) then you will noticed that just under half of all respondents said they have spent between $1-249 on purchases from their mobile devices in the past year.  Not a large number for sure.  But what that does mean is that 56% of mobile consumers spent OVER $250, with 12% of people spending $750 or more.  These numbers should not be overlooked as all mobile sales add up to roughly 15% of all ecommerce sales and this number only continues to grow.

Adobe survey

The future of online sales (and many current offline sales) is mobile.  This trend is likely not stopping anytime soon.  If you want to have success for your business in the future you need to get on mobile now.   This means ensuring you have a mobile optimized website or mobile app with all the information your consumer would want, easy check out, product comparisons, etc.  Give you current consumer and future consumer what they want, and don’t get left behind.

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