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QR Codes & Foodservice (Codes on Burger Buns!)

Posted on November 19th, 2018 by

Restaurants have been adding interactive technology to their tables allowing users to view the menu and order on a tablet – there are even games for kids. Some of these tablets allows diners to pay without waiting for a check to be delivered. Pretty convenient, right? It gets better. A Japanese restaurant in London has become one of the first in applying the QR code technology in the kitchen. ICHIBUNS has created the first burger bun branded QR code. The company has partnered with mobile-payment servicers, Zapper. The idea is supposed to allow customers to make easy, fast, and safe payments for the food by scanning the code on the bun with a smartphone. Diners can leave a tip and split the bill. Users need to download the app to pay which is made simple – all they need to do is scan the QR code on the bun.

To incentivize users, ICHIBUNS is offering customers £7 off their first bill and other exclusive rewards. Benjamin Goldkorn, CEO of ICHIBUNS, said: “Our goal with ICHIBUNS was to be a restaurant experience like no other, and our partnership with Zapper is a great way to achieve this, allowing us to be at the forefront of hospitality innovation by offering much more than just a payment service. Combining it with our own app also allows us to give something back to our amazing, loyal customers, with discounts and prizes available to win.” We think it is safe to say this would be an experience like no other. Our question was what if you’re starving and quickly bite into that juicy wagyu beef burger only to realize that part of the QR code is now missing? Fear not. Your QR code is also printed on the menu.



standard.co.uk/go/london/restaurants/you-can-pay-for-this-burger-with-the-qr-code-on-its-bun-a3927991.html (IMAGE CRED to this site).


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New Functionality, Features, & Pricing!

Posted on February 19th, 2013 by
2013 is bringing new features to the Qfuse platform. With our most recent release (R3.2, February 14, 2013) we implemented some exciting changes to our pricing model and system functionality — and we want our users to be aware of it…


1. The ability to upload and add images directly into textboxes and submenus using the WYSIWYG editor

This was one of the most highly-requested features from our customers. You spoke and we listened! We have completely upgraded our What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editor. With this upgrade, we have added a new button for adding/uploading images directly into your content:

Add images directly into your content or sub menus; resize, and/or align them how you so choose.

Add images directly into your content or sub menus; resize, and/or align them how you so choose.

2. Add a vCard to your landing pages (i.e. allow others to download your profile to their mobile contacts)

For those who use and love QR Codes, one of the most requested features in the business world is the ability to link from a QR Code to a vCard — so that the person scanning can add your contact information directly into their mobile contacts. For a number of reasons this has always been difficult to do, especially for the Apple iPhone. But never fear! Using the new vCard element within Qfuse you can now add all your contact information and share it with those who scan your codes. Great for using on QR Code-enabled Business Cards!


3. The ability to add codes to your account anytime (and new pricing changes to simplify our packages)

Qfuse has recently gone through a drastic overhaul of its pricing tiers and packages. We have made it both easier and less expensive to attain just the features and the number of codes/sites required to meet your exact needs. While on the Qfuse Dashboard, you’ll see in the upper-right hand corner the text “+ Add More.” Use this link to add additional codes/sites to your account in seconds.

You Can Now Add More Sites to your Account at Any Time!

You Can Now Add More Sites to your Account at Any Time!


Lastly – our pricing has been reduced significantly. So whether you are a casual or professional user of QR Codes or NFC technology, you can now pay as low as $10 per code/site and receive all available features.

And as always, if you require more than 50 codes/sites, you can take advantage of our Partners/Enterprise Package for significant discounts. This is perfect if you are in the I/T or web industry and desire to RESELL the Qfuse platform to your existing customers. Click here to learn more about our Partners’ program.

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