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Release Notes



  • Added Instagram and Google+ link elements to Generator
  • Added 'Custom Icon' element to Generator (allows you to upload your own social icon)
  • For Qfuse-hosted mobile sites - set QR Code landing page to live at the tracking URL and not require a redirect
  • Stablility improvements
  • Now allow custom domains as tracking urls for Pro and Partner customers/resellers
  • UI improvements to Contact Form modal (Pro customers)



  • Improve site performance
  • Implemented ability to hide pages from navigation
  • Allow for a custom success message on mobile form submission
  • Allow for a hidden page (i.e. success message or product offering) to appear on mobile form submission
  • Bug fixes around landing page not created on initial signup
  • Form field layout improvements on non-handhelds
  • Fixed vCard download bug on iOS7 - with fallback for iOS6



  • UI enhancement - Implemented new 'Page-Level Settings' of Editor
  • Adding a "Blog" element to link to a 3rd party blog link
  • Added Social element for linking to Pinterest
  • CSS updates for front end of mobile site
  • Fixed double-billing bug when upgrading from Standard to Pro account



  • Button customization options - we now allow you to pick rounded, semi-rounded, or square buttons for your mobile site(s)
  • Form input text bug - form input textboxes were hard to read when used with certain custom styles
  • View mobile contact form submissions - view and export results from your mobile lead capture forms. You can access through the "Analytics" page
  • Changes to the way Alternate header works (for Pro+ customers). Change default header and even specify a target URL when clicked
  • Fixed broken vCard icon in analytics/reporting
  • Validation of required fields; fixed a bug where required fields were not being required
  • Updated Twitter icon used on mobile sites (Social Media element)
  • Improvements in scanning location metrics (i.e. more accurate US state names captured, etc)



  • New image slider element added to platform
  • Couple UI changes
  • Dashboard Analytics load with ajax now instead of all at once (fixes the delay and db performance issues for large accounts)
  • Various Responsive layout issues throughout front end of site



  • Added QR scan time to analytics pages with associated charts
  • Added "Sent from Qfuse Mobile Site" to bottom of mobile emails
  • Fixed some 404 error headers



  • Made front end of site "Responsive" (site bends to fit each viewport, i.e. mobile, tablet, desktop); implemented Bootstrap UI grid system
  • Fixed filtering button alignment in Dashboard UI
  • Added social media icons to homepage/footer
  • Implemented new site-wide 404 pages
  • Integrated Qfuse with ExactTarget's HubExchange network



  • Modified Dashboard layout and modified site UI
  • Site-wide CSS changes to colors, fonts, etc
  • Updated 'Welcome' screen (for newly created accounts) and implemented a variety of new landing page templates for various demographic profiles
  • Homepage modifications and updated graphic and description of service
  • Removed cufon and made other performance-related edits
  • Modified base Qfuse templates for Event site and Specials/Deals page
  • Added new Connected Media info page
  • Various bug fixes for elements such a submenu and contact form



  • Added Short URL and NFC URL to Dashboard
  • Highlighted call to action to Upgrade on Premium features
  • Images uploaded in CKEditor to size to 100% width of screen by default
  • UI edit to "Switch Report" dropdown in Analytics
  • Updated Terms of Use
  • Added example content to Custom Styles live preview (Site Settings)
  • Implemented automatic emails to alert users if their credit card will expire



  • Resolved some live preview bugs in Editor
  • Added ability to upload a site background image (Pro user capability)
  • Added Country/State drilldown on Analytics
  • Fixed Copy Site bugs
  • Changed link colors in themed site templates
  • Added coupon codes on Upgrade page



  • Revised Qfuse pricing and packages
  • Added ability to upload/position images within WYSIWYG editor
  • Positioned App for NFC capabilities
  • Bug fixes for Custom Styles and font previews
  • Added ability to Add New Sites/Codes to an account
  • Billing improvements



  • Added vCard element
  • Improved formatting of Qfuse Business Card template
  • Analytics bug fixes



  • Develop Qfuse API for integrations with Salesforce
  • Add SalesForce ID field in Manage Account settings
  • Implement vCard Feature
  • Implement detailed analytics/click-tracking solution
  • Implement ability to update billing info in My Account
  • Add tabbed view to Site Settings (e.g. General, Styles, Advanced) to separate different types of settings
  • Auto-remove hyphens from SMS number
  • Implement Customize This Code functionality for certain users (i.e. lay QR Code over any image)



  • Implemented password-protected pages (Pro-users only)
  • Implemented Affiliate-program
  • Restored lifetime QR Code scan stats into Analytics
  • Added span and alignment controls to Image Element (for smaller images)
  • Implemented new font-styling features for WYSIWYG editor (Premium-users only)
  • Added 16x16 "Elements" icons in Analytics reporting
  • Highlighting and fading of Elements right after they're added
  • Added customizable Footer
  • Fixed Full PDF Download (prevent blank pages)
  • Maintain the link to the Tour - always visible in dashboard
  • Admin-Resellers: adding their logo to update on downloadable reports/PDFs (for white-labeling)
  • Updated central navbar in Generator to include Analytics button
  • Made "how to use" suggestions in Editor functions more visible
  • Fixed text wrapping issue on blog
  • Added authors to blog posts



  • Added advanced form customizations
  • Introduced feature-rich professional affiliate system
  • Created landing page for industrial use of QR Codes
  • Added "auto-scroll" on Elements without input fields in the Editor
  • Created landing page for mobile analytics
  • Developed ability to save mobile form data for the contact form element to a database
  • Added New Icons/Features on Pricing Page - Javascript and Inline CSS
  • Resolved contact form issue
  • Fixed misaligned Elements in Preview Site feature
  • Added different options (phone and telephone number) to Button Element in Editor
  • Fixed issue with duplicating a site that uses custom styles where the custom styles are not retained on the new/duplicate site
  • Added Analytics graphic to Platform Overview
  • Updated Dashboard to make Analytics feature more intuitive
  • Updated copy on page directly after sign up to include resources, welcome note, etc. for each user level
  • Added navigation feature in Analytics
  • Applied "no data pie chart" to QR Code Scans analytics page (model after Referrer code)
  • Set new pages to automatically save after being created
  • Added auto-follow-up email to be sent to newly upgraded STANDARD and PLUS users
  • Fixed bug with "Download Full Report" appearing blank under certain scenario
  • Deployed performance enhancements across mobile sites



  • Updated copy on "How Do You Use Qfuse?" page
  • Refined Page 1 of form customization modal box
  • Removed "Beta" designation from logo
  • Fixed leave page warning incorrectly appearing after saving and trying to leave Editor
  • Resolved issue IE 9 Live Preview displaying landing/homepage instead of current page
  • Added titles in Content Overview reporting
  • Changed subtitle on Site Settings button
  • Added new icons to "Eliminate the hassle..." section on homepage
  • Facebook Local Element URL formatting causes 404 error issue resolved
  • Fixed users having to scroll in Contact Form customization in IE9
  • Changed title on Site Settings page
  • Confirmed reporting of Referrer Traffic works as expected
  • Added additional info on Analytics Overview page
  • Added reference to unique sites on Analytics pages
  • Updated QR Code Analytics page to make cleaner, more user-friendly
  • Added note to mobile analytics data to indicate start date
  • Enforced "http://" for external URL field
  • Resolved issue with FREE users having access to full mobile site analytics
  • Fixed Video Page Template. Editor > Create New Page >Video Template - There is NO video element populated. Should pre-populate with YouTube element
  • Implemented new way to show Local Elements in drop-down menu on the Elements bar
  • Implemented simple referral system for affiliate/partner sales tracking
  • Improved QR code site to external URL toggle
  • Tweaked username change button color and warning copy
  • Fixed mobile site analytics (including stats on specific page views and stats on elements selection)
  • Updated copy on Upgraded page
  • Changed font hover color on Package buttons on Sign Up page
  • Changed font formatting in IE for Qfuse Page/Site and External URL buttons
  • Updated Welcome email copy
  • Moved Reports and Events in Analytics to top of page
  • Clarified function of Analytics reporting and possibilities



  • Added STANDARD package (many Plus features available to Standard package as well)
  • Grandfathered in existing Free users to "Standard" Package
  • Updated QR Code Generator page to include sign up option
  • Integrated self-service upgrade and package purchase options
  • Simplified Sign Up page
  • Streamlined Welcome screen for new users
  • Added ability to customize Contact Forms
  • Added "Local" Elements (for business review)
  • Added Advanced Analytics for QR codes and mobile pages/sites
  • Added Dashboard navigation, search, and filtering options



  • Implement "Toggling" between Qfuse mobile site and External URL on Dashboard (all users)
  • Implement Submenu element (Plus feature)



  • Confirmation page for contact form not sufficient; needed clear confirmation that "message has been sent", not just redirect back to form.



  • Implemented QR Code Scan Analytics (Plus feature)
  • Implemented new button element for all users
  • Implemented image linking to a URL (Plus feature)
  • Implemented Alternative header image (Plus feature)
  • Allow content/elements below the nav buttons (Plus feature)



  • New iframe element for Pro users
  • Change Advanced Element editing to use JSON instead of proprietary format
  • Added new Partners page to front end



  • Append "&rel=0" to YouTube URLs to prevent related videos from appearing
  • Fixed page creation bug (when contact form was present)
  • Fixed link color display issues for certain themed templates



  • Made Generator IE and browser compatible
  • Fixed multiple issues with Live Preview
  • Implemented "Upgrade Your Account" Functionality (allowing credit card payment, reoccurring subscription on monthly, quarterly, annual basis) for PLUS accounts.
  • Implemented "Advanced Form Editing" capability. Ability to change TO field for email and SUBJECT.
  • Updated header UI and button placement on Generator
  • Implemented Custom Styles functionality
  • QR Code File Output. Generator now allows for output file in a format that is suitable for real-world print (high-rez). i.e. EPS
  • 4 New Themed Templates
  • Live Preview now "follows" user as they scroll
  • Fixed Page Order Bug - when you re-ordered a page with an ampersand (&) in it, it did not reorder.
  • Added Save button below Live Preview
  • Removed underline option from content editor (WYSIWYG)
  • On the first 'Welcome' screen (formally called Step 0) - when user pressed one of the options can't immediately tell what happened. Screen now "scrolls to" the new options as soon as they're pressed.
  • My Mobile Pages - now differentiates currently selected page for reference/usability
  • PLUS accounts - Refined treatment for the site "Toggle" functionality in the Dashboard
  • Implemented ability for admins to turn on/off "Powered by Qfuse" footer in mobile sites
  • Implemented process that emails the user's account when they sign up and requests they validate their account by verifying their email address.
  • Made Qfuse mobile sites Windows Mobile compatible; added Windows logo back to homepage



  • Email verification system installed



  • Implemented multi-language support for Content editor (WYSIWYG)
  • Implemented a new Element for generator: RSS feed. Allow ability for user to pull in an RSS feed by providing a link to a url (xml file)
  • Updated Generator UI to remove "Steps 1 - 3"
  • Implemented "page last updated" notification on pages
  • Fixed Google Chrome-related UI issues on front end
  • Signup form - restrict to 6-character limit and provide associated helptext to explain this



  • PREMIUM USER - Implement multiple sites for an account
  • Landing pages created / modified on front end of site
  • Display site URL on dashboard for easy reference (i.e.[username]).
  • Bug Fix: When you create a new page in the generator the preview shows navigation buttons when it shouldn't.
  • Bug Fix: When reordering pages (drag/drop) the live preview does not update
  • Display at the bottom of a pge when it was last updated
  • When visiting qfuse website on mobile phone, direct to qfuse mobile site
  • Bug Fix: PHP Error occurs when selecting "create a new one" link to create new page from within Dashboard.



  • Core Qfuse Platform launch