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Restaurants, QR Codes, and Food

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RestaurantThere is hardly an industry or market that could not benefit from, or find a way to use QR codes to either provide added value to the consumer or drive sales in some way.  The restaurant business is no exception.

There appears to be a movement afoot to have an interest in our food, its history, its nutritional value, and how it was grown or raised.  This is in part due to GMO’s, carbon footprints, and a heightened awareness of obesity risks among other things.  With this new interest of millions of consumers, it appears as though restaurants might be able to capitalize on this interest and in addition provide added value to their consumers.

What a restaurant might do, and indeed some have been doing, is include QR codes on their menu’s with the intention of including information on the nutritional value, facts about the farm the beef they are about to consume came from, or whether the vegetables were grown organically or not.  They can learn about the breweries their beer was brewed in, or find out where their coffee beans came from, or any other relevant information a consumer might be interested in.

By providing this added value to consumers, and assuming the food you are serving them isn’t coming from a slaughter house with a history of mad cow disease, your restaurant should experience various benefits including increased customer loyalty and hopefully increased traffic.  Though obviously this particular QR code use might be of more value in some towns and cities than others.

No matter your industry, it is worth brainstorming ideas of how you might use QR codes to connect your customers with information, coupon, or deals.  Think about your currently offline or traditional media and how it might be connected to mobile media in an interesting useful way for consumers.  Do this the right way and watch your business grow.

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