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QR Codes to Drive App Downloads

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There are millions of apps for our smart phones today, all trying to get our attention, make our lives better, or simply help keep us occupied when we have a few free moments (I am looking at you Angry Birds/Field Runners).  So the question for a creator of one of these apps is how do you get someone to become aware of its existence, download it, and then use it?

The answer to the question is to bring the existence of said App to the potential customer’s attention at the very moment their interest for said product is at its apex.

The creative company ‘Stupid’—realizing this to indeed be the answer— found a way to solve the problem with the use of QR codes.

                For example, what might be the perfect moment to make someone aware of the Angry Birds App and get them to download it?  Most likely that would be when the individual has some free time and might be bored, perhaps when said person is waiting for a train, or airplane or whatever.  So what Stupid has done is create print ads in the form of a large QR codes for Angry Birds that can be placed in such areas where there will be many people waiting around and in need of something to keep them busy.  It is at this moment someone will be most likely to download the App.

This same thing can be done for an app like Instagram.  A similar poster can be made with a large QR code and placed in an area where there might be many scenic panoramas like a park, or perhaps in a museum, at the beach, or in a tourist city like a Rome or Paris.  Wherever people might be taking a lot of photos a QR code print ad for Instagram would be sure to drive downloads and use.

Most apps likely have a similar ideal advertising location or moment where a similar QR code ad would be incredibly valuable and would bring the best bang for your advertising buck, it is simply just a matter of figuring out where and when that is.

Do not underestimate the QR code and the imagination of the human mind; the two together are an exciting thing.

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