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QR Codes for Customer Support

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afdyThere really are millions of uses for QR codes, and here is just one more you or your business may or may not have thought to utilize: Using QR codes to help with customer support.

There are many products that are offered to customers that need direction, or might be greatly improved by offering hints or tips.  For example, let’s say you are a company that sells TVs and your customer is required to set up the TV and program the remote themselves.

With a QR code attached to the box or some other convenient location, a customer can scan the code to get directions and look up the appropriate TV code in order to program their remote and figure out the rest of the TV set up.

This does many beneficial things for the company and the customer.  First, it helps the customer by placing the set up information at their fingertips, rather than having to call customer service, or potentially losing the paper instructions down the road.

Second, it helps the company by reducing the number of customer service calls by providing the necessary information and tools to the customer so they can help themselves.  Potentially reducing the number of customer service reps needed, decreasing overhead costs.

Third, it reduces printing costs by making paper instructions obsolete, since everything can now be hosted on the web.

Last, it allows the instructions to be put into video or interactive form rather than just written.  This will make instructions far more user friendly and give the customer a better experience.

This sort of QR code use can be used for other similar items or services, whether it is instructions on how to care for flowers, how to assemble an end table purchased at IKEA, or the best way to cook with some particular ingredient, the uses are endless.  Just remember that you can use it for providing instructions, the best way to use the product or service, or simply to provide other interesting information.

QR codes have the ability to improve the value of a product, decrease overhead to your company, drive sales, or help brand identity.  As a business it is up to you to figure out what the best use is for your customers and your profit margin.  Be creative and have fun with it, the sky is the limit.

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