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QR Codes, Calls to Action, and Buddy Biscuits

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Buddy BiscuitsQR codes are only as good as their weakest link.  What I mean by this is that for a QR code to be successful at serving its purpose, it must do everything well, otherwise it will either fail or not live up to its potential.  For example, if your QR code lacks a solid call-to-action it is unlikely that your QR code will be a success.  To illustrate a good call-to-action—and my inspiration for this blog—is a call-to-action from the dog treat brand “Buddy Biscuits.”

A call-to-action is incredibly important if you are going to use QR codes, particularly if you plan on using them well.  A call-to-action is the catalyst to spark interest in the target audience member to make them scan the QR code.  Without this catalyst most people will simply go on with their day and fail to recognize the benefit of scanning your QR code.

This does not mean your call to action needs to be elaborate or even specific in its description; it just needs to be something that will create enough interest or curiosity to convince someone to scan the code.

Buddy Biscuits1For example, on the back of this Buddy Biscuits dog treat bag, directly above the QR code, reads a simple but effective call-to-action: “Check this out!”  With an arrow pointing to the QR code.

I know it might not seem like the greatest call-to-action at first glance, but it is effective.  In fact I chuckled at it when I read it, and thought to myself how incredibly effective and yet kind of lame it was at the same time.  This code doesn’t tell you what you will receive by scanning the code, but it appeals to human nature and piques their curiosity.  It makes you wonder what might be on the other side of that QR code, and increases the likelihood that you will scan the code.  Which is the whole point in the end.

Unfortunately the landing page isn’t all that spectacular and most people who scan the code are likely to just quickly exit the page (why not offer some special deal for online orders, or a video of how the treats are made, or even just give me videos of puppies rolling around looking adorable…actually that last one should be a no-brainer).  But this brings me back to my original point: even if your call-to-action is perfect, every other part needs to be perfect as well.  If people are convinced to scan your code because of your great call-to-action does it really matter if the content you are offering on the landing page is useless or uninteresting?  Or if your interface is frustrating to use?  Or your code is too dense?  Either way your QR code will fail to do its job.

In the end you call-to-action is vitally important to the success of your code, but so is every other aspect.  Your code is only as good as your weakest link, so make sure your weakest link is great.

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