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QR Codes and the Deceased

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On most headstones all you have is the name of the deceased, when they were born, when they died and maybe a single phrase describing their life or giving condolences.  For some this does not do justice to the life lived by the deceased.

With a QR code implanted on the headstone a much more interesting and thorough description of the life lived by a loved one is possible.  A QR code allows the visitor to be connected to a mobile web site on their smart phone describing the life-story of the deceased, the principles the person lived by, the loved ones left behind and much more.

Perhaps you wish to tell of a heroic war story, or some grand charitable gesture, or a story of how the deceased met their spouse.  Maybe you wish for a forum where the deceased’s loved ones can discuss the person’s life and share their own stories and allow others to share in these past experiences.  Perhaps you wish to share a funny video or interview of the deceased or of a friend or loved one sharing their thoughts and experiences.   A QR code connected mobile website allows you to do all of these things and more.

Such uses of QR codes however might cross a line for some people, so this must also be taken into consideration.  It might even make sense to consider the statement “just because you can do something with technology doesn’t mean you should” because it might be that we are taking this technology too far.  These days privacy is a rare thing and there is a chance that the deceased, or family, may prefer to protect what little remains of the deceased’s private life.  For many it might even be considered disrespectful.  This is certainly a view that is completely reasonable to hold and should be respected.

For others though, the telling of someone’s life story or accomplishments is in no need of privacy or if there is a need in some areas they simply choose not to include this information on the QR code connected mobile website.  The use of such a technology should be discussed fully with all involved, and if possible, the deceased’s opinion should be taken into account before he/she passes to ensure they have no problems and are comfortable with the information that will be available to the public.

Using QR codes is simply a new way to help share the lives of loved ones now deceased with family, friends and other passerby’s.  It allows loved ones to share the full life stories of the deceased rather than just summing up their loved ones as a name and a date carved into stone.  But for some it may not be appropriate, so before you use QR codes in this new way be sure to have discussed their use will all parties involved.

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